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Your Instagram Photos Suck and You Don’t Even Know It

Have I ever mentioned that your Instagram photos are the most important thing about your account? They are the North Star, the end all be all, your way into the newsfeed of thousands.

Yet everyday I see horrible photos, bad lighting, irrelevant stuff blasted all over hundreds of accounts. Why is it so hard for people, particularly business owners, to only post great photos on Instagram? Not having a high-end camera is certainly no good excuse considering I can’t tell the difference half the time between Cannon, Nikon or iPhone.

Do these Instagram posts sound like yours?

Here’s a little honesty on why I think you probably have crappy photos…

  • You have no idea what to post.
  • You can’t see (or you’re not looking for) interesting angles.
  • You’re not disciplined enough to not post that group photo of you and your friends at the bar.
  • You’re too overwhelmed to think creatively for more than 30 seconds.
  • You rarely leave your house or office.
  • You don’t remember or take the time when you ARE somewhere interesting to collect good photos.
  • You think you can get away with only sharing inspirational quotes.
  • You were so excited that your husband/wife made you dinner that you just HAD to post it even though it actually looks like a hot melty mess with dim lighting.
  • You don’t understand that a picture of the buttons in an elevator has nothing to do with what you sell.
  • You can’t decide which filter to use so you layer 3 of them and hope for the best.
  • Any of these feel a little too familiar? They sure do for me because I see it every day when I help small business owners learn how to actually use Instagram to see results.


When people land on your account you have to impress them really quickly. Leaving crappy photos up on your account does not give people a reason to follow you or pay attention. So no matter how many hashtags, geotags, or giveaways…if your photos suck….few people will stick around.

But…your photos don’t have to suck forever. Here’s how you can stop sharing crappy photos and start leaving an impression on Instagram. Use these rules of thumb as your guideline when crafting your Instagram strategy.

Improve your Instagram strategy with these tips…

1. If it’s blurry- take another. It’s worth it. Period.

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2. Think to yourself, “what magazines do my ideal customers read?” Ok, would your photo look good on one of the first 10 pages? If the answer is no think about how you can switch it up. New angle? Better lighting?

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3. Find props that your ideal audience already uses in their daily life. Whether you sell products or services, your customers use hundreds of things every single day. Stylize those things into your photos.

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4. Find the light. Nothing beats natural light. You might hear this often. And that’s because it’s true. And if you can’t find it…fake it. Use lights to stage the photo or a white board to bounce as much light as possible.

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5. Avoid shadows. Shadows make your photos feel harsh. Some people can get really artistic with shadows and that’s “their thing”. But most of us are not that talented.

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6. Play with distance. Your photo might be more impactful if you get closer or farther away from the subject. But be careful not to get too close, we don’t want to see every pore on your face.

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Instagram Marketing Sue B. Zimmerman


7. Delete. Delete irrelevant stuff from taking over your Instagram account. Make a list of 5 words that describe your business. If the content you’re deciding to post doesn’t fall into one of those categories, don’t post it.

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The Instagram Expert


8. Find existing structural lines and work off of them. Get outside and look at your surroundings. Try to find interesting structures, buildings, framework, and objects that will enhance your photos or stand alone as a stellar post.

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Ready to up your game? High quality impactful photos or videos are a must for building a solid foundation on Instagram. Focus on the photos first and then take care of strategy.

To learn more about Instagram and more ways you can start taking action you can join my free training program. It’s a 3 part video training series to help you stop struggling and really own Instagram to grow your brand. The training will be available mid October — so subscribe below to be the first to know!


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