Sue B. Zimmerman teaches what to post on instagram for business to attract your ideal customer

What To Post On Instagram For Business

Have you been using Instagram for business for a while but your account isn’t really growing? Or maybe you started your account with a different focus in mind? Learn the top types of posts to attract your ideal customer on Instagram.

Whether your goal for 2019 is to gain new followers, increase your Instagram sales, or just to become more comfortable on the platform, this is the perfect time to focus on being intentional so you can grow your business on Instagram over the next year.

How You Create a Great Instagram: Photos and Captions

When you break down what makes a great Instagram post it comes down to two things: the photo and caption. Having a clear idea of who your ideal followers are, and what kinds of posts they want to see, is the first step to improving your Instagram marketing strategy.

Think of your Instagram feed as a glossy magazine. How do you grab people’s attention so they want to stop in their scroll? If you’re not quite sure how to do this, or if your posts are actually resonating with your followers, it’s time to change things up.

Instagram Photos

Let’s start with your photos. It might sound basic, but having a visually appealing and cohesive feed is one of the first ways that you can start to attract new followers. Because there are no shortcuts to gaining new followers, especially a highly engaged audience, think of every post as an opportunity to visually broadcast your brand’s unique brand aesthetic.

You can use the in-app editing tools or apps, like VSCO, to add brightness and hues. By editing your photos consistently and using the same filter, you can become more recognizable to your followers – even if they’re quickly scrolling.

A good example of this comes from @EttaVee. As an American born, Paris-based artist, Jessie uses vibrant photos and Parisian inspiration to build a community with her followers.

@EttaVee uses a mix of vibrant Parisian inspiration and splashes of color to create an irresistible Instagram feed.

Instagram Captions

Once you’ve got your visual theme down, it’s time to start thinking strategically about your captions. I’ll be honest, a lot of people treat captions like an afterthought. Bad idea! Instead, consider how your captions can give people value while also showing off your brand personality and culture. Sometimes your followers might only have a few seconds to read your post, other times they might want to pause for a deeper dive, that’s why it’s important to find a caption style that works for you.

Ninja tip: Make your content more searchable. With people spending a record amount of time scrolling through Instagram, it’s important to make sure that your content is easy to find. From geotags to brand-relevant hashtags, make sure you’re taking the time to make sure your key audience is seeing your content.

Tips for Instagram Content Categories

Sometimes you find yourself in a creative rut, it happens to all of us. Rather than sharing the same content on repeat, I suggest making content categories. These are some general topics that you can finesse to fit your specific brand theme. These categories might include:

  • Tactical tips
  • Polls
  • Common questions
  • Stylized quotes
  • Blog or video promos
  • Video tutorials
  • Life updates

As you design your Instagram posts, it’s also important to keep something really important in mind: how you’re building community.

Now that we’ve covered the different ways to create an engaging post, let’s talk about how you can strategize your posts to get more traction.

#1 Spotlight Instagram Post

When it seems like everyone loves to talk about themselves, shining the light on others is a welcome strategy. For example, I often share client testimonials and highlight brands I love on my @TheInstagramExpert account. Just like you spend time picking the perfect photo for your feed, invest your energy into building relationships with your community.

Sharing spotlight posts is a great way to build community while also expanding your Instagram audience.

#2 Announcement Instagram Post

With so many people selling on Instagram, it’s important to share posts that help build buzz around your brand and grabs people’s attention within the first 5 seconds. That’s exactly what @TrueSelfOrganics does with their posts. By focusing on the details that their skin care products amazing, they’re grabbing people’s attention and nudging them to tap and purchase.

On top of that, Instagram is rolling out shoppable posts, which gives you an even more centralized place for your followers to browse and buy products.

Announcement Instagram posts are an effective way to build buzz around your new product.

#3 Education Instagram Post

Building your reputation as an expert in your niche is really important for long-standing growth on Instagram. Take a look at @AmyPorterfield’s Instagram. As an online marketing expert, she shares a ton of positive and high-value advice on her account. Amy also builds stronger engagement by asking people to take a look at her video and then come back to leave a comment about what they learned. It’s simple, yet effective.

nstagram pros like Amy Porterfield, use education posts to reinforce their expertise and stand out as thought leaders.

#4 Instagram Video Teaser Post

Whether you’re launching a new product or planning an event, sharing a video teaser post is a great way to stop followers in their tracks, grab their attention, and keep them watching to learn more. For example, @ErikaCostell. She’s a Youtube influencer who uses short teaser posts to catch her followers’ attention and make sure they tune in to her new weekly videos.

 Erika Costell uses Instagram video teaser posts to build buzz around her videos and spark conversations with her followers.

#5 Step-by-Step Instagram Post

With so much content being shared these days it can feel like people don’t really slow down to view anything. But that’s why step-by-step posts are such a strong strategy. A good example is @AlexaFueledNaturally. As a vegan recipe developer, she often shares delicious step-by-step recipes that are relevant to her target audience and provide value.

@AlexaFueledNaturally often shares step-by-step recipes that are relevant to her target audience and provide value.

#6 Free Spot Instagram Post

Sharing posts that are focused on your company culture or brand message are a great way to build trust with your community. Check out how @RewardStyleHQ uses casual, behind-the-scenes photos to highlight the vibes of their brand. Posts like these don’t have to be overly staged, but should still fit within your feed’s overall aesthetic.

Reward Style HQ uses behind-the-scenes images to share their brand culture and build trust with their community.

Ninja tip: Attract even more followers by using hashtag research. Jot down a list of hashtags that work well for your business – not just what your competitors are sharing. Using hashtags that your ideal clients are using makes you more likely to show up in their explore tab.

Free Instagram Strategy Guide

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