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What To Post On IGTV: Figure Out What to Talk About on Video

Are you struggling with how to differentiate what you put in your Instagram posts versus what you talk about on an IGTV? I’m going to help you.

Ever since Instagram introduced preview posts in the Instagram feed, views on IGTV content has skyrocketed, increasing by 300-1000%. It’s not a matter of “if” you should be using IGTV, but “when.” 

In this blog post I’m breaking down the four things you should share on IGTV. Plus, you’ll hear how one of my Ready, Set, Gram community members changed her approach to IGTV to engage with her followers. 

#1 What to Post on IGTV: Know Your Buckets 

In my Ready, Set, Gram course this is one of the Instagram pain points that we dig into right away. With so many possibilities for content, a lot of people get stuck about what to share. That’s why I encourage people to break up their IGTV content ideas into buckets. 

Not only can this help you get out of a creative rut, or help with overwhelming amounts of content ideas, but it can also help you to understand how to diversify your content. If you notice yourself posting the same IGTV content, try to break it down into these smaller categories.

#2 What to Post on IGTV: Notice Your Frequently Asked Questions 

Instagram is designed to encourage engagement. Hello, that’s what the algorithm is all about! And if you’re seeing the same questions or feedback over and over again, that is a prime opportunity for you to engage with your followers. 

Sure, you could share one-off responses. But you can save yourself a ton of time by creating IGTV episodes that answer these frequently asked questions. Consider content that can inspire and educate your followers. 

For example, I was getting a lot of questions about Instagram Live and the broadcast tools I use. That’s why I created an IGTV episode that answered all of these questions, and so I could send it as a reference for my followers in the future. 

Sue B Zimmerman’s IGTV cover photo shows her posing in front of a camera with a purple shaded background.


#3 What to Post on IGTV: Use Your Instagram Comments

Speaking of frequently asked questions, comments on your Instagram content are also a prime opportunity to connect with your followers. It’s more than your Instagram posts that can spark conversation. Instagram has plenty of creative, engagement tools that can inspire people to share their feedback. 

One of my favorite engagement strategies is Instagram polls. It’s an easy way to discover the pain points in your business, and get instant feedback from your potential customers. You can use this feedback to create an IGTV video. The possibilities are endless. 

How Allyson Used IGTV to Transform Her Instagram Content Strategy

Using IGTV is one of the most creative ways to transform your Instagram strategy, and I love seeing how my Ready, Set, Gram community members are using it on their Instagram accounts. Allyson is one of my students who has really elevated her Instagram content with IGTV. 

Allyson wearing a bright pink sleeveless dress sits behind a courtroom bench and holds her phone in her hand.

As a criminal defense attorney, Allyson had a ton of potential IGTV content she could share with her Instagram followers. But she didn’t know where to start. Rather than sharing random IGTV content, she focused on her clients commonly asked questions and interesting things she saw every day in court. Allyson’s account evolved from random legal tidbits to an interesting, educational resource for her followers.

Allyson wears a pinstripe tan blazer as she poses in front of the camera while looking off to the right.

Over time, she even expanded her IGTV content buckets to include more business and lifestyle content. Even something as simple as adding a call-to-action throughout her IGTV episodes has helped to increase engagement on her content. With an eye on her IGTV analytics, Allyson’s IGTV is unstoppable! 

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