What To Do When Things Aren’t Working: The Social Sip Ep. 2, S.2

The Social Sip Episode 2, Season 2

On this episode of The Social Sip, we broke down what to do when things aren’t working in your business. This could be anything from getting stuck in a negative mindset, having creative challenges, or needing some changes that you’re unable to figure out yourself.

Learn what Morgan and I do to get out of a rut and move on.



Here’s what you can look forward to in the episode…

5:21 Deciding to scrap an idea completely or refresh a stale idea 

7:04 How I handle business mistakes and what I do when things aren’t working

8:26 Ways to get out of a funk

10:59  When to get out and get inspired

14:12 Finding the support you need in business

16:35 How to use your audience so you can serve them better   

19:11 What is your go-to way of getting out of a funk

19:23 Quick Fire: Four 1-minute rapid question and answer questions

24:00 My picks of the week for a podcast, a book, and something I got in the mail.


Tools, Resources, Events, and Cool Shit I Shared

The CRM system that we use:  Ontraport 

Join us live for our brand new free training next week

Podcast: Kate’s Take episode 202 

Book: The Perfection Detox by Petra Kolber

Thing I got in the mail: Elemis Gel

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