Tips for Managing a Business When You Have Kids: The Social Sip S.2 Ep. 3

On this episode of The Social Sip, we discuss how to manage a business when you have kids.  How can you structure your day better, how to be realistic with your goals, and Sue’s experience with 3 daughters.

Check it out below.



3:45 Would You Rather

5:45 My approach to including her daughters in her businesses

10:10 Checklist approach to feeling good about your day and your time

12:12 How to structure your day when you have kids

15:00 Tips on how to plan ahead

19:02 The most difficult age to managing my kids and my biz and how it affected my relationship

20:30 The mompreneur I look up to

21:30 How I feel about getting “help”

23:20 My picks of the week for a podcast, a book, and something I got in the mail.

Tools, Resources, Events, and Cool Shit I Shared

Podcast: Chase Jarvis Live

Book: Brené Brown: Daring Greatly

Thing I got in the mail: Rice Cooker

Cookbook: The Clean Eating Slow Cooker


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