How Social Media Experts Make Money On Instagram

People make money on Instagram every single day. But in many cases, it has nothing to do with directly selling products and having hundreds of transactions, especially for social media experts and thought leaders. So if they’re not selling products or directly selling their services, how do they actually use Instagram to grow their business?

I’ve shared tons of Instagram marketing tips over the last few years so in this post I decided to rock the boat, drop the anchor, and let other social media experts explain some of their own big wins from Instagram. I personally know each of these awesome social media influencers and while Instagram might not be their #1 go-to platform, they are still finding tremendous value and using it to grow their business.

So here you have it…Instagram for business in their own words…



Using Hashtag Hubs for conferences and events. “This social network makes going to an event even more worth it by being able to find people, be relevant in a conversation and be discovered.” -Amy Schmittauer



Advertising. “I have used Instagram to consistently add 100 names to my email list a week for 10 dollars a day.” -Lisa Larter

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Through Instagram Ads. “I used Instagram ads on a daily basis and was able to to track sales from my very successful Kickstarter campaign.” -John Lee Dumas



Learning Sales Psychology. “Understanding the psychology of users and applying it to all areas of marketing has been massive for me.” -Chris Kubby



Connecting with Community.“Seeing what my community members are sharing & posting so I can contribute to the visual conversation.” -Roberto Blake

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Increasing Podcast Downloads. “We post an image with the guest and quote from The Top podcast almost every day, and put the link to the podcast in my Instagram bio. When we do this we get 50-100 clicks.” -Nathan Latka



Using the Discovery Feature. “Searching by location tags has opened up the door and allowed us to tap into user-generated content.” -Tyler Anderson



Gaining Email Subscribers. “Through Instagram exclusively I generated 100 new email subscribers in 4 days.” -Jenn Herman



Building Our Email List. “Instagram consistently accounts for 5-7% of new email subscribers.” -Ryan Hanley

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Building Relationships. “I use it to interact with and love on the ladies that join my workshops. Instagram is way more than a photo and video platform.”     -Cyrissa Carlson



Promoting Live Webinars. “We use the one live link in our Instagram bio to register students for our free live webinars.” -Sue B. Zimmerman


Now you should have no doubts that Instagram can be one of your most powerful platforms for driving results in your business. Feeling like you’re ready to finally make Instagram a focus in your business? Download my free Instagram Strategy Guide. It’s the best tool to get started with Instagram marketing.