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Use Instagram™ to find your community, expand your current reach, and grow your business.

I can help you with that.

You can attract real paying customers on Instagram™ without wasting precious time.

Ready Set Gram can show you how.


I know as an entrepreneur that working on your online business can feel lonely sometimes.

You are...
the marketer 👍🏻
the customer service rep 💻
the financial advisor 💸
the packer 📦
the shipper 📫
the janitor 🧹

Wow! Could you be wearing any more hats?!

all the decision making,
to-do list making...

It can be hard to think straight.

Especially when there is so much pressure to show up and provide for your family.

In my experience, a few things could be happening right now.

 Maybe you are...

👉 committed and hardworking, but you have no f-ing idea how to make your business look visually appealing on Instagram™.

👉 wanting to get started, but every time you think about Instagram you get overwhelmed with thoughts of complicated technical skills, endless content creation, and stressful photography needs to get the job done.

👉 nervous about what your kids, family, or friends might think of you. Or maybe you think to yourself that no one will care about your content or business because it’s just plain boring.

👉 afraid that you’ll lack the consistency needed to make money because you can’t create enough content to share.

But most of all...



...and you know Instagram™ can help.

But as each day passes you can feel the huge opportunity slipping by, and you feel more and more stuck, defeated, and behind.

Especially given the current state of the world and what we are all going through right now.  

You’ve probably attempted to make money on Instagram™ before.

And it looked a little something like this...

You read a few different websites about other business owners having success on social media. So you grab all the 'hacks' and 'secret methods' you can find...

And piece together a plan from a bunch of random advice.

Even though it's not a proven system, you feel like you have ENOUGH info to get started. You are committed to growing your business and this is how to do it. It can't be that hard, right?

You go for it - you create an account, even post for a week or two, until inevitably something comes up... distracting you from your plan. Or even worse, you find all your effort is getting you is crickets and get too discouraged to continue. ???? 

Suddenly, a month or two has gone by.

You come up for air and realize that you are nowhere closer to hitting your goals in your business, growing your community, or selling more of your products or services.

So you hire out,
or bring in an "intern" to do it for you.

Because they know better, right? 

SBZ Community

But turns out, they don’t have the passion or interest for your business AND, more, they don’t know your VOICE or the thoughts and needs of your customers. 

So your marketing strategy becomes disjointed, empty, and kinda lame.☹

And most importantly, it still doesn’t bring in any sales.????

I know you are a busy business owner. There are NEVER enough hours in the day.

And as you are working around the clock, draining all of your energy and your resources trying to make *this* work - you realize that you do not have the knowledge or experience to scale your business the way you want to.


Believe me, I have been there before.

When YOU are your business, and you give your whole heart to create your product or service, it can be truly devastating to realize that you don’t have all the answers. 

A few years ago, I was at a crossroads in my business,
unable to break through my financial goals and find the success that I knew my team and I deserved. I knew that what I could offer would change lives if I could just get my message out there.


If you know me, you know I’ve always been an entrepreneur with many projects at a time. I'm always excited about the next idea. 

But the solution was...
👉 slow down,
👉 simplify,
👉 streamline,
👉 learn a proven system,
👉 commit to implementing the system long term.

I'm sure you can relate...


...maybe your product doesn’t sell the way you’d hoped.
...your last launch had too many hiccups.
...or sometimes you question whether or not this business is worth it.

We entrepreneurs have an eye for shiny objects that claim to be quick fixes for the pain we're experiencing in our business.

It’s hard to believe that 2 years ago, I was caught in that EXACT CYCLE.



I'm the creator of Ready Set Gram.

I’ve been teaching up-and-coming business owners like you for 8 years. But before I was teaching Instagram™ I was a busy retail shop owner.

FOR YEARS, I sold products and hustled hard - not only working at my boutique on Cape Cod in Massachusetts but also schlepping my products to craft shows and local events. 

I started selling physical products loooong before social media. And let me tell you something, marketing WITHOUT Instagram™ is SO MUCH HARDER.


BEFORE INSTAGRAM™... took way more work to get people to come in the door at my store and make a purchase... in fact, before Instagram™, I used to work 12 exhausting hours a day, spending a lot of time away from my 3 daughters & husband (and to be honest, I felt guilty). 

I was just wishing and hoping more customers would walk in the door.

When I started posting my products on Instagram and had my first customer walk in and say “I saw this bracelet online, can I buy it?”

I knew I had found a methodology to get sales faster and easier.

Later, after much time and testing, my team and I developed a system that has helped hundreds of business owners attract followers and convert customers.

Once you master the techniques I teach...

You’ll be seeing the positive impact of Ready Set Gram on your bottom line.

And you'll be kicking yourself that you hadn’t started on Instagram™ sooner. 


With Ready Set Gram you will...


...have an Account Bio that instantly builds trust and gets users to hit that ‘follow’ button fast.



...understand and implement my content, engagement & conversion system, so you feel at home using the Instagram™ platform to drive meaningful sales.


...have a consistent visual concept for your brand; instead of an account covered in photos of your pets that you are embarrassed by, but unsure of how to fix.

SBZ posts

...define a clear and well-crafted content strategy, so you never waste time unsure of what to post or writing and rewriting for fear of posting the wrong thing.



...know techniques to engage with followers, to create community, build loyalty and convert lurkers into leads.


SBZ Team hashtag

...use hashtags the right way, to attract people you really want to meet, not spambots and time wasters.



...have unique growth tactics under your belt, so you consistently see your followers increasing, instead of worrying about every single ‘unfollow’.



...have strong relationships with an online community of like-minded, encouraging individuals, so you never have to feel you are “alone” in the entrepreneur game again.



...access to monthly updates about the platform, so you know exactly what to do, and not do, when a new release comes out.


and more!


Ready Set Gram is specifically designed to help a beginner ‘grammer harness their passion and knowledge in their niche, and tell them how to stake their claim as an authority using Instagram™.


A life will be like when you are growing your business with a strong online marketing strategy everyday…

Waking up every day feeling confident and excited to work because you know the steps that you need to take to accomplish what you want, and serve your audience the right way. 

Starting a waitlist because so many people have found you on Instagram™.

Knowing exactly what to do when you are looking to generate revenue, instead of feeling a sense of dread each time a sale comes in, unsure of when the next one will come.

Having a group of like-minded, understanding people to fall back on for feedback, inspiration, entertainment or just a moment of encouragement. 

This is what I experience each day with my community, and this is what I want you to have for your business.

A lot of people think...

...that in order to attract REAL paying customers on Instagram™ you have to have…


...a perfectly curated, sexy looking business.


...tens of thousands of followers, or hundreds of dollars of ad spend.


...spend 24/7 on your phone engaging in order to have real success.

But I’m here to tell you that’s not true.

All you need is a dialed-in content strategy, to post consistently, and spend time engaging on the platform for 30 minutes a day.  

If you can commit to that, you will be able to attract real leads and sales on Instagram™.

After implementing Ready Set Gram, you’ll understand how to define a marketing strategy that brings in ideal targeted followers. You deserve to have a business and a marketing plan, that works FOR you - instead of one that runs your life.

SBZ authority

You will establish yourself as an authority in your industry. 

The program is specifically crafted for business owners. The language and techniques are crafted to define your brand and develop an online strategy that you can take beyond Instagram.

SBZ neverwonder

You will never waste time wondering what you should post. 

The lessons will help you grasp WHEN to post, HOW to post and WHAT to say in every neighborhood - so you don’t waste your time worrying about what to post or second-guessing what you create.

SBZ strategy

You will have growth strategies in place to SCALE. 

Within the CEC system, and in the program bonuses (listed below) you’ll be given tactics to increase your conversions and expand your reach far beyond what you’ll accomplish alone.


You'll have a working knowledge of Instagram™ marketing and a regular stream of leads and sales coming into your business.

You'll be able to use that free time to focus on doing what you love and spending time with friends and family.

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Ready Set Gram is a comprehensive Instagram™ marketing training program geared for new and up-and-coming businesses that want to learn how to establish, grow, and maintain an Instagram account for their business.

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  • 9 INSTANT-ACCESS VIDEO lessons that will show you how to start using Instagram for profit, not just personal use
  • FOLLOW-ALONG COMPANION ACTION SHEETS that lay out all the activities you’ll need to complete in order to get the most out of the program
  • 5 EXCLUSIVE BUSINESS-BUILDING BONUSES, including a private Facebook group, content calendar and a guide of all the special tools & resources I use for my Instagram strategy

What's included:

Lesson 1: The Basics

  • The importance of the ways you can navigate and communicate on Instagram™ so you can feel comfortable selling
  • Learn the defining features of Sue B.’s 4 Neighborhoods to perform your best and use the 4 areas of Instagram™ for opportunity
  • Feel confident navigating and learn the Important terms and features in the app
  • Overcome any doubts or fears selling online with Sue’s help getting into the right mindset

Lesson 2: Strategic Account Profile Settings

  • Frustrated with content? You are not alone. Learn how to identify the overall content theme and buckets of your account so content ideas come easy to you
  • Why your Instagram™ settings matter and the difference between business and personal profile settings and content so your account is set up for success
  • How to set up an profile bio strategically, including writing an search engine optimized profile name, and bio that converts viewers to followers

Lesson 3: Defining Your Visual Style

  • Want to get that “Instagram™” feel on your account but not sure how? Learn My 5 step process for determining your accounts visual style so you can feel good about each and every post
  • How to apply your defined visual style in all of the neighborhoods to maintain brand consistency and make your account memorable
  • Go into your first photoshoot knowing you are going to get exactly what you need. I’ve also provided you with the 3 types of images you HAVE to take to create a winning Instagram™ account

Lesson 4: Defining Your Hashtag Strategy

  • Hashtags can make all of the difference in being found on Instagram but you want to be found by people who will actually buy your product or service. Learn how hashtags are strategically used in Sue B.’s 4 neighborhoods to attract your ideal customers
  • Get clarity and direction you need with best hashtag practices on the platform
  • Avoid hashtag pitfalls by being walked through how to brainstorm hashtags to create a strategic hashtag strategy that helps you grow your following fast
  • How to determine, create and promote a unique custom hashtag that contributes to brand recognition and building your community

Lesson 5: Crafting The Perfect Post For Your Feed

  • You want to post varied content but not sure how to present it? Learn the types of posts you can create in your feed
  • Create consistency and a brand feel by learning how to maintain your visual style in the feed
  • My step by step process to post a complete and strategic feed post so you know exactly what to do start to finish
  • 20+ post content ideas, so you never wonder what to say
  • How to entice massive engagement and conversion in the feed, which leads to the ultimate goal, sales!

Lesson 6: Instagram™ Stories

  • How to post your first Story, and use all of the creative features (you probably don't even know exist)
  • Over 14 examples of content to post in Stories that ensures a dynamic and interested Story that entertains your audience
  • Want your stories to have more of a long term impact? Strategically use Story Highlights to curate your highest quality stories and add informative content to your account profile - making it easier for followers to understand who you are and why they should work with you

Lesson 7: Instagram™ Live

  • Understand Live broadcasts on Instagram™ so you feel confident using Live as a real business tool
  • How to find and participate in a Live broadcast
  • Go into your live strategically and prepared by learning how to promote, script and host a Live broadcast on Instagram™
  • Strategic CTAs to use on Instagram™ Live that help make Live a lucrative avenue in your content plan
  • 5+ ways to ensure strong engagement on your Instagram™ live to make your time worthwhile
  • My best hacks on keeping track and following up with your warm leads - so you can convert thousands in business from like I have

Lesson 8: IGTV™

  • The value IGTV™ can bring to your overall Instagram™ strategy - and why it is the hottest place to interact on Instagram™ right now
  • Exactly how to post your first IGTV™ while maintaining your visual style and consistent content strategy
  • Important features to use when sharing on IGTV™ to get expansive reach on your videos
  • How to interact on IGTV™ to increase engagement and conversions

Lesson 9: Reels™

  • When and why you should add Reels™ to your Instagram™ Strategy
  • A step by step guide on how to plan for and create your first Reel™
  • 8 simple content ideas you can use today so you can take advantage of the Reels™ feature without wasting too much time
  • Strategies to spark conversation, engagement and sales with Reels™

These lessons are instant-access. You can start gaining success on Instagram™ right now, you just have to believe in yourself.

When you join right now, you receive these bonuses to help you implement, stay on top of platform updates, and focus on growth beyond your wins from the program.

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Facebook™ Group

You'll have access to our private member's community, the most interactive Instagram™ Marketing Group on Facebook™. This exclusive and intimate group allows you to collaborate with other students and get lifetime support from the SBZ Team. Our community manager is specifically there each day to resolve questions and point you to specific solutions. This way you can implement our proven strategies even faster.

Valued at $997

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Monthly Live Saturday Snacking

Each month inside of the private Facebook™ group I host a live call, known as “Saturday Snacking with Sue B.”. This is the place to be to stay on the cutting edge of the latest updates and features, review new best practices and address techniques that should be avoided. I'll give tutorials of new features and bring members on live on video to workshop marketing problems. You’ll even have the opportunity to ask me questions live. 

Valued at $1197


Instagram™ Index

The Instagram™ Index is a glossary of terms used throughout the course about Instagram™ and online marketing. A resource to support our beginner students, it allows for easy reference and clarification before, during and after the course is reviewed. This bonus helps you understand the Instagram™ terminology, so you can navigate and implement Instagram™ marketing and sales strategies even faster.

Valued at $40


Content Calendar

Like to plan ahead? We have found that students who produce multiple posts at a time, “batching” their strategy, are those who are able to maintain consistency and get stronger results. This content calendar template and video training, created by my CEO Morgan, gives you space to map out your posting schedule and organize ideas so that you never find yourself racking your brain for what to share. This bonus will give you a system to follow, so you are able to execute your strategy with ease. Think of it as your shortcut to strong and consistent Instagram™ posting.

Valued at $197


Instagrowth Bundle

In the InstaGrowth Bundle, you will receive both my Tools and Resources Guide AND my Growth Hacks training. In the Guide, I’ll introduce you to new tools you can use outside of the Instagram app to increase your engagement and conversion beyond your initial gains. I’ll share apps and products that will save you time, help you get more creative and improve your content development process. Along with the Guide, the Growth Hacks training will expose you to advanced strategies to expand your reach and attract hundreds of quality followers a week, even faster.

Valued at $297

And, you are completely protected by my 30-day Take Action Guarantee.

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It’s no secret I love Instagram™ and I stand behind the content in this program 100%. After all, they’re the strategies I’ve used to grow my own following to over 160k+ and grown an engaged email list of tens of thousands. That said I have a take-action guarantee. If you try out Ready Set Gram and don’t feel you get value from the lessons, simply email me within 30 days of your original purchase to request a refund.

Contrary to what you might think, your audience is already on Instagram™. The question is, where are you?


experience includes...

  • 9 INSTANT ACCESS VIDEO TUTORIALS that will show you how to start using Instagram™ for profit, not just personal use.
  • FOLLOW-ALONG COMPANION ACTION SHEETS that lay out all the activities you’ll need to complete in order to get the most out of the program.
  • BONUS #1: Facebook™ group with Community Manager. Here to resolve questions and point students to resources.
  • BONUS #2: Monthly Live “Saturday Snacking” Training. Stay on the cutting edge of the latest  Instagram™ updates and tactics.
  • BONUS #3: Instagram™ Index. A must-have glossary of terms for Instagram and online marketing.
  • BONUS #4: Content Calendar and Training. Think of it as your shortcut to a consistent posting strategy.
  • BONUS #5: InstaGrowth Bundle. Receive my Tools + Resources Guide AND Growth Hacks training.

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Don't just take my word for it! Here's what past students
and fans of 'Ready Set Gram' have to say:

Meg Everett

“Since implementing everything I learned in Ready Set Gram, both of my accounts have more than tripled the number of followers. I now have a profitable business, a book deal and soon a podcast, all because of Instagram™!"

Meg Everett


"My followers grew 5k that first year and 10k the following year but I also got so much more clarity on how to connect with my audience and how to become an authority in my niche.  My revenue has tripled since then and I have even been hired to speak at conferences and webinars!"

Hallie Sherman


I started following the tactics that Sue teaches in Ready Set Gram and I quickly started attracting the right followers, I grew my account to 77k in one year and now have over 100 clients."

Nicole Majdalany


“Before I took Ready Set Gram my Instagram™ strategy was scattered and lazy...Sue provided me with an Instagram™ business framework I could use to really get to know my market and serve it in the highest way possible. The engagement on my posts has increased 40% in just 2 weeks and yesterday I converted my first high-paying client via Instagram™’s DM feature!”

George Lizos


"1.I went from 5k-6k to 15.9k in a year.
2. I have started selling on IG and have made some moderate sales.
3. Got a licensing deal.
4. I got approached to display art in a new clinic and the doctor (she is a follower on IG) bought two large paintings.
5. I have been invited to and did two art walks and made a few sales - the invitations happened via IG."

Rina Patel

Trish Ringley

"I'm a small nurse-run business and I've seen my sales increase a good amount after taking Sue's course.

I thought she might enjoy knowing how happy I've been with the Instagram strategies she taught me! My business grew enough to be able to launch a brand new Kickstarter, and I plan to use Instagram™ heavily to promote it!"

Trish Ringley


"Since I have taken Sue’s course I developed a clear strategy on how I serve others on Instagram™ through strategic design and branding. I have nearly doubled my followers, generated engagement and got new leads! Sue really teaches you HOW to be authentic and removes the overwhelm you may feel coming into this platform."

Nicte Cuevas
@ NicteCreativeDesign

Image from iOS (4) (1)

“One of the biggest wins since becoming a member of RSG is 100% complete turn-around in how I post on social media. Every single post is made with carefully crafted intention. No more fluff. No more BS. No more wasting space. It has totally shifted my mindset!”

Ellen Allard

Vicky Hale Headshot

“After taking RSG, I now have the confidence I need to go live and give tons of value to my customers in stories, IGTV and post. The best thing is the RSG Facebook Community! Any questions that come up will be answered by either the community, Sue’s staff, or Sue B. herself! This is the best hands-on training I ever had...HANDS DOWN.”

Vicky Hale

Now's the time to bring your
business online in a big way.

Establish your authority and expand your reach.


83% of users say they discover products and services on Instagram. Are they discovering yours?

You have two choices.

You can take advantage of this powerful social platform and leverage it as your marketing engine...

OR can keep watching your competitors rake in the customers and conversions.



Stop wasting time creating content that under performs and doesn’t bring in the results you desire (and deserve). 

Instead, implement a thoughtful, systematized strategy that will connect you with your ideal customer and help you build a thriving community of interested followers and buyers.


experience includes...

  • 9 INSTANT ACCESS VIDEO TUTORIALS that will show you how to start using Instagram™ for profit, not just personal use.
  • FOLLOW-ALONG COMPANION ACTION SHEETS that lay out all the activities you’ll need to complete in order to get the most out of the program.
  • BONUS #1: Facebook™ group with Community Manager. Here to resolve questions and point students to resources.
  • BONUS #2: Monthly Live “Saturday Snacking” Training. Stay on the cutting edge of the latest  Instagram™ updates and tactics.
  • BONUS #3: Instagram™ Index. A must-have glossary of terms for Instagram and online marketing.
  • BONUS #4: Content Calendar and Training. Think of it as your shortcut to a consistent posting strategy.
  • BONUS #5: InstaGrowth Bundle. Receive my Tools + Resources Guide AND Growth Hacks training.

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You're Questions, answered!

Still not sure if Ready Set Gram is right for you?

Invest in yourself, your business, your future. 

Take the leap and take advantage of our 30 days take action guarantee if….

You want to grow your followers quickly, without resorting to shady strategies…

I totally understand online marketing can sometimes feel a little bit scary and dare I say it, questionable at times. Integrity and transparency are two of the cornerstones of my business. We’ve said no to opportunities to maintain that level of care for our audience - and we’ll help you implement the same trusted tactics we’ve used to grow our profitable business the right way.

You have tried everything, and are ready to commit to a system that works…

Often as a small business owner, it can be tempting to implement every passing idea or tip that you come across. But the trouble is, when you piece together a bunch of random strategies, you aren’t implementing the whole system, so you won’t get the same results. That’s why we’ve put hours and hours of research, and thousands of dollars of education into developing and testing our systems.


experience includes...

  • 9 INSTANT ACCESS VIDEO TUTORIALS that will show you how to start using Instagram™ for profit, not just personal use.
  • FOLLOW-ALONG COMPANION ACTION SHEETS that lay out all the activities you’ll need to complete in order to get the most out of the program.
  • BONUS #1: Facebook™ group with Community Manager. Here to resolve questions and point students to resources.
  • BONUS #2: Monthly Live “Saturday Snacking” Training. Stay on the cutting edge of the latest  Instagram™ updates and tactics.
  • BONUS #3: Instagram™ Index. A must-have glossary of terms for Instagram and online marketing.
  • BONUS #4: Content Calendar and Training. Think of it as your shortcut to a consistent posting strategy.
  • BONUS #5: InstaGrowth Bundle. Receive my Tools + Resources Guide AND Growth Hacks training.

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Still have questions?

It really matters to me that you feel you’re making a great investment in your business and yourself, and I want to make sure you have all the information you need to confidently say yes to this program. If you have a question that isn’t answered above you can contact me  here  and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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