How to Prep for a Launch to Reduce Overwhelm

If you’ve ever put in the work to create a new product only to have poor sales results you know what it feels like to flop. I’ve noticed that one reason people feel like they’ve failed is that they didn’t know how to bring attention to their new offer. The concept of launching a product online feels foreign.


After 5 years launching many products of different sizes online I want to bring more awareness to how my team and I prepare for success. Watch episode 8 of The Social Sip to understand 6 things we do while getting ready to promote our next offer.


The Social Sip Episode 8


Here’s what you can look forward to in the episode…

5:30 – How I define what it means to “launch.”

7:40 – The very first thing I suggest doing when you commit to launching something.

8:10 – What we create before every single launch to keep the entire team organized and on the same page.

11:00 – My thoughts on the minimum number of platforms you should be using to promote.

13:30 – My tips for creating a visual design for your launch.

15:40 – What you can do right before your launch starts to increase sales.

22:45 – The truth about how long it takes to prepare for a launch.

24:20 – What to do if you’re considering running Facebook or Instagram ads but have a small budget.

27:10 – My picks of the week for the podcast, book, and thing I got in the mail that you might be interested in.


Tools, Resources, Events, and Cool Shit I Shared

Blog – Planning Your Next Instagram Photoshoot


Social Media Class: Instagram Stories for Business: Features and Trends Marketers and Business Owners Need to Know 


Podcast of the Week: Casual Fridays by Tyler Anderson – How to Write Emotional Copy that Sells


Book of the Week: WEconomy by Holly Branson, Craig Kielburger, and Marc Kielburger


Thing I got in the mail: Healing bath bombs to help you relax during your next launch