Blog header with a purple background and text that says Practical Beginner Tips on Instagram (5 Ways to Understand IG Even as a Newbie).

Practical Beginner Tips on Instagram (5 Ways to Understand IG Even as a Newbie)

Are you a beginner on Instagram and need some help on where to start? I’ve got you! In this blog post, I’m sharing five practical beginner tips on Instagram that every newbie needs to know.

In this blog post:

#1 Create a List of the Inspiration Behind Your Brand

So what’s the first thing to do when you’re strategizing content for your new Instagram content? Keep it simple and make a list. Go ahead and brain dump all the things that answer these three questions: 

  • Who you are 
  • What makes your brand special 
  • How your business can help people 

If you can answer these questions, you’re off to a great start. Even if you’re experienced on Instagram, I recommend making a list periodically to make sure your Instagram content is aligned with your business goals. 

#2 Make Note of the Recurring Themes on Your Instagram Account

Once you finish making your list, it should be a lot easier to note any recurring themes on your Instagram account. Rather than posting random content that doesn’t align with your business, these themes should be the keystone for your content strategy. 

Even better, having these themes top of mind will help you to create weekly or monthly content calendars. This will allow you to post more consistently and connect more effectively with your followers. 

#3 Organize Your Photos for Faster Instagram Posts

How many times have you caught yourself frantically scrolling through your phone trying to find the perfect photo? That’s why I always recommend organizing your photos into albums on your phone. 

Whether it’s testimonials from your happy customers or #MondayMotivation, organizing your photos will save you a ton of time. 

#4 Show the Face Behind Your Brand

That’s right. People might love your Instagram content, but they’ll love it even more if they get to know the personality behind your brand. Showing your face on Instagram will allow you to build a stronger personal connection with your followers. 

Whether it’s sharing a daily Instagram Story or a weekly Instagram Live with another individual in your industry, people love to see you step out from behind your perfectly curated Instagram feed. 

#5 Easily Organize Your Photos for Faster Instagram Posts

Another practical beginner tip on Instagram is what to do with the Instagram posts that no longer serve your business. Bottom line: Don’t delete these posts. 

You spent time creating this content, so there’s no need to waste your effort by deleting them. Instead, archive these Instagram posts. Then, if you decide to share this content again in the future, it will only be a few taps away. 

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