Planning Your Next Instagram Photoshoot: 3 Key Images You Need

We’ve all been there. You’re Instagram feed is on fire with high engagement and tons of likes. Then, bam! All of a sudden you are stuck with no idea about which new content to share. As a business owner, you always want to make sure that your Instagram feed reflects the vibrant, happy vibes of your business. That’s why I always recommend blocking out time to plan content and schedule photo shoots.


These shoots are your opportunity to capture some #InstaAmazing shots and plan ahead for posts that will help you build your brand. Whether you choose to hire a photographer or step behind the camera yourself, here are three shots you need to make sure you capture.


#1 Personality photos

As you can see from my Insta feed, @TheInstagramExpert, my photos are always high energy and fun. Personality photos are your opportunity to personalize your brand and foster more meaningful relationships with your customers. Even better, when you invite your employees to take part, these photos can help you show your followers the culture of your business. Your business is one of a kind, make sure your followers know it.



One Instagram account in particular that captures the perfect balance between business and personal is @laurasykora. As a yoga rockstar, Laura’s Instagram feed not only demonstrates her strong family values but also captures the fun, offbeat theme of her business. Downward facing dog or high straddle throne, Laura’s account is always on-point.



Life is better in color, especially if you’re Rosie Clayton, @rclayton. Her color-filled feed is brimming with fun snapshots that capture both the products she loves and eye-catching murals. Rosie’s feed demonstrates that you don’t have to sell products in order to have success on Instagram. By sticking to the colorful theme of her Instagram, Rosie captures the imagination and attention of her followers.


#2 Product or service shot


This is the true sticking point for many business owners on Instagram. Many people wonder, “How do I promote my product without being overly salesy.” That’s easy – start by showing your products in the real world. Custom shirts, art work, whatever your product is take it off the shelf and think creatively about how you can demonstrate its value to your potential customers. This often requires thinking 3-4 months ahead. Do you sell services? Show your followers how you deliver that service with enthusiastic, behind-the-scenes shots.


A photo posted by Gray Malin (@graymalin) on


Gray Malin, @graymalin is a New York based artist who is always thinking ahead when curating his Instagram theme. Vibrant Christmas trees by the pool or presents wrapped neatly under the tree, Gray’s account provides his followers with a sneak peek of his upcoming holiday products – without compromising the vibes of his Insta theme. No matter what the occasion, Gray clearly knows his audience and how to effectively share the brand messaging.


A photo posted by birchbox (@birchbox) on


For larger companies, or businesses that sell a large variety of products, it can be difficult to decide which items to highlight. Birchbox, @birchbox, a monthly beauty subscription delivery service, overcomes this challenge by creating an Instagram feed that not only shows the company’s products, but the customers who buy them. By showing customers using the products, Birchbox relays the value of the product while also showcasing the cool company culture.


#3 Non product, service-detailed shots


Kick your feed’s content up a notch with these out-of-the-box shots. While other photos might clearly showcase the products or services you sell, these more relatable shots are your opportunity to capture the personality that makes your brand unique.


A photo posted by Buffer (@buffer) on

Much like their Instagram bio says, Buffer is a social media marketing tool that encourages its followers to be #digitalnomads. Obviously, creating an interesting feed for a digital tool is difficult. That’s why @buffer takes their feed one step further and shares beautiful global images that create a larger #buffercommunity.



Unlike Buffer, Botica Bliss, @boticabliss does have one clear product to sell, botanical bath teas. Knowing that a feed full of product shots is a snooze, Botica shares peaceful, light images that capture the serenity and beauty that the product personifies. These images don’t deviate from Botica’s brand messaging, but instead focuses on customer value instead of just product pitches.



Keep it intentional


If you want to create an engaged, fun Instagram feed, photo shoots are just the beginning. Remember, it’s better to take a #ShitTon of images and then decide which ones best speak to your brand. You should always post with intentionality. And if the thought of all of these images is giving you an Instagram headache, be sure to check out my previous blog post to discover how Dropbox can improve your organization.