How to Overcome the Instagram Algorithm

Much to the dismay of many Instagram users, gone are the days of an Instagram feed sorted in chronological order. When Instagram rolled out its new algorithm earlier this year, I heard frequently from my worried coaching clients who were concerned about how this update could impact their ability to connect with their Instagram followers.


I get it – as a business owner you want to make sure you’re getting lots of eyeballs on your content. But there’s no need to worry because I have four tips that will help you work with (not against) the Instagram algorithm.


But before we delve into my tips, let’s make sure you fully understand the particulars of Instagram’s algorithm. As opposed to it’s original layout, Instagram’s updated news feed curates your content based on your activity. This means that accounts on which you like and comment the most will show up at the top of your news feed.


What does this mean for your Instagram business account? You need to make sure your content is interesting enough to encourage engagement from your followers. Otherwise, you might end up buried in their news feed.


#1 Post less frequently

I know this goes against some of the strategies I’ve previously shared, but this is truly about quality over quantity. In the past, business accounts often “over shared” in the hopes of being seen by a large audience – not anymore.


If you truly want to connect with your audience, it’s better to share one fabulous photo instead of 20 mediocre images. So next time, before you hit post, take a moment and consider how this content contributes to your brand, and does it effectively encourage engagement from your followers.


#2 Consider if your image is visually “worth it”

If you are serious about finding business success on Instagram, then you most likely are always taking a lot of photos. But in order to share only the best content, take a moment and determine if your content is visually “worth it.” Ask yourself:

  • Is this image intriguing?
  • Does this image stand out from my competition?
  • How does this image speak to my brand’s theme?


Take a moment and look at your entire news feed. If you think this image won’t fall in line with your Instagram feed and the brand you’re building, skip it.


#3 Focus on the optimal time to post

When it comes to Instagram, timing is everything. If you’re unsure when your followers are online, check out your Insights to determine the best time to post. It may take time to get a long-term understanding of your followers’ activity, but it’s important to make sure you’re posting when the majority of your audience is online.

If you’re still looking for more insights on posting, or even what hashtags your audience is using, I recommend using Iconosquare. While the majority of the tools come at a nominal price, I think it’s completely worth it if you’re serious about building your business on Instagram.


#4 Ask questions in your description

Instagram descriptions aren’t just for straightforward call-to-action. As you can see from accounts like @violettinder and @katespadeny, a question is a great way to bump up engagement on your post. Even something as simple as Kate Spade’s use of “Which one would you choose?” is an awesome way to encourage greater engagement, such as tagging friends and commenting.



Remember, quality over quantity wins every time. So if you’re followers are continuing to comment and like your posts, you will show up in their news feed. If you’re still struggling to figure how to put Instagram strategies into action, be sure to download my free Instagram Strategy Guide.