How to Launch A New Instagram Account For Your Business

It’s a thrill when you realize that you’re ready to share your business on Instagram. It’s the perfect social media platform for showing existing and potential customers the creative side of your brand. But before you dive in, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure your account is #InstaPrepared for launch. Here are six tips to get you started.


Create a plan

As you piece together the visuals of your Instagram account, take a look at what other brands are already doing. Check out the accounts I follow on my business account, @TheInstagramExpert. To do this, navigate to my account page and look to the left of my avatar. Click the number with “following” below it.  All of these accounts have their own themes and intended audiences, but they are great examples of how effective strategies. Remember, creating an Instagram account for your business is a launch. Before you share and follow, create a game plan so you can know how to make your account the best representation of your brand.


Leave your account on private (for now)

If you’ve read my other blog posts or watched my videos, you’ve heard me discuss the importance of making your account accessible to a wide audience. Well, here’s the exception … when your account is first created and not in tip-top shape, be sure it’s set to private. This will give you an opportunity to create a strong feed and figure out how you will reach your intended audience. Just like my friend over at @campingwithdogs realized, if you wait to open up the public-facing view of your profile, you establish a much stronger brand voice for potential followers.


Establish your account profile

Just like you set yourself up for success by leaving your account temporarily on private, you should also pay careful attention to your bio. One of my favorite businesses, @TheDrybar, does an amazing job of establishing their brand’s voice by creating an upbeat, brand-focused bio. With a professional avatar and fun bio copy, The Drybar establishes the culture of their business immediately. Not only does that help customers to know what they will experience when they go into one of the locations, it also helps to build brand trust.


It’s all in the visual

In addition to having a strong brand voice in their bio, Drybar also does an awesome job of carrying the brand’s theme throughout their account. With lots of photos of flowers, children, and fashion, it’s clear who Dry Bar is trying to reach. Yellow accents sprinkled throughout the account also help to tie in the brand’s signature color. Whether it’s a specific color or product, don’t be afraid to play around as you decide how you’ll show your brand on Instagram.


Nine is the magic number

Much like the rule about keeping your account private before your launch, you should try to have at least nine photos queued up before you share. 9 posts are enough to completely fill the account page and give new followers an understanding of your brand. My daughter Lila, @freshfitandfearless, followed this strategy when she created her vegan lifestyle account. She knew that she wanted to inspire others with delicious, vegan recipes and lifestyle tips, so she took the time to create the content before she shared it with the public. Today, her account is wildly successful, and everything she shares clearly represents her healthy lifestyle brand.


Don’t forget about the link

Instagram only allows you to have one live hyperlink in your profile, so it’s critical that your link is always set up for your intended call-to-action. To add the link to your profile, go to the account tab and click “Edit Profile”. The link tells people where you want them to land, so they can either engage further with your brand or purchase your product. But as you decide which link you want to share, be sure the landing page ties in with your brand’s Instagram theme. By making the jump as seamless as possible, followers won’t feel thrown off when they engage with you on another platform.



Launching an Instagram account isn’t a quick process. But by taking the time to plan and create your brand voice, you’ll foster stronger relationships with potential and existing customers. Now, you’re probably thinking, “I’m ready to launch, what’s next”? Grab my Instagram Strategy Guide here.