Position Title:

Customer Care Manager and Executive Assistant


Position Description:

This position has two main focuses, administrative support of Sue B. and the team as well as customer support for our community.

Sue’s EA and Customer Care Manager is an important representative of Susan B. Zimmerman Enterprise and has a close relationship with our community, clients, partners, and vendors.

This position is responsible for managing Sue’s inbox and calendar as well as communicating with and resolving issues for our customers. 

This position reports directly to the COO, while also working closely with other members of the team.

This position is part-time, with daily hours Monday – Friday, 9 – 5 EST, and is 100% work from home. Some travel may be required.

Duties and Responsibilities:

You’ll be responsible for…

  • Expertly managing Sue B.’s email inbox, Facebook Business Page Inbox and Linked In Inbox
  • Review and sorting of interview, speaking, partnership and client requests
  • Coordination of Sue B.’s professional and personal calendar
  • Booking travel and accommodations for Sue B. or team
  • Manage spreadsheets of information that is needed for reference for both internal and customer use 
  • Address team members administrative needs 
  • Order office supplies and gifts for team and clients
  • Organization of files in Google Drive and upload of pertinent video recordings
  • Support live event planning and logistics 
  • Monitor customer communication as the first point of contact in Gmail inbox and promptly reply, resolve and support our customers or escalate the issue to COO
  • Be the administrative point of contact for prospective and current high-end clients in Ready Set Gram coaching program
  • Contribute to the crafting of the customer experience through new ideas based on feedback



The ideal candidate possesses some or all of the following strengths and skills:

  • 1 to 2 years of relevant customer service experience (preferably in a virtual environment)
  • Familiarity with Slack, Google Suite and Ontraport preferred
  • Excellent phone, email and messaging communication skills 
  • Solid organizational skills - We will depend on you to manage large amount of information and maintain organizational systems set forth by the COO
  • Self-starter, and the ability to think critically to problem solve
  • Capable of multi-tasking and working well in fast-paced environments
  • Resourceful
  • Interested in always learning and growing
  • Openness and flexibility when things change
  • Open to receiving direction and constructive criticism
  • Excited to work with and represent the team and help others


Who We Are:

We teach small business owners how to become or continue to be the go-to authority in their industry by using Instagram marketing strategies to establish and grow an engaged Instagram following that converts. 

Through live events, online training, coaching, and courses, we aim to inspire women (and a few select men) to lean into their gifts, establish their own online community and run a profitable business. We focus on providing tactical, step by step guidance that an entrepreneur at any age or skill level can execute.

Our team loves what they do and have high standards for success. We strive to maintain a positive outlook and a can-do attitude about anything that comes out way. 



High Quality.

We believe the goal with content, products and service at SBZ is to provide high quality, action-oriented information such as teaching a new skill, informing of a specific strategy or introducing a methodology. All content should aid the student in a specific process and increase their confidence toward reaching their business goals. Content should not be published or shared if it does not enable a student to take a specific action after consumption. All phases of content production require attention-to-detail. Content includes: blog posts, presentations, webinars, youtube videos, live stream broadcasts, Instagram posts, pdf downloads, courses, classes.


Open Collaboration.

We believe in asking for help and supporting team members when there is any confusion. No question is a stupid question - what is stupid is wasting productive time being confused and working without clarity. Whoever is being asked the question is meant to take it graciously and respond in a helpful supportive manner. Consider the right person to ask the question, the boundaries and expectations placed on getting a response, and the correct place to communicate.

Brand Consistency. 

We aim to achieve brand consistency across all products, platforms, marketing and events. This aids the recognition and growth of the SBZ Brand. Team members should review and reference the brand guide and using the appropriate colors, fonts, and logos when needed.

Promote Good Online Behavior.

We do not lead with negativity, rants or public shaming. We use the internet for good, to educate, inspire, empower others, not to take anyone down or to feel less than or embarrassed or ashamed. If there is a learning lesson, it can be taught using generalities once reviewed with a content production eye. It is always best to pause when something online elicits a negative feeling and determine the best way to move forward with a calm mind.

Ownership in Organization. 

Team members have a level of responsibility to maintain a moderate level of digital organization and give attention to the details pertaining to content/tasks/processes that they are responsible for. Especially if the item needs to be reviewed or accessed by another team member. For example, if a file belongs in a specific folder or if there is a file naming structure that will help the file be easily searched for/found later, than the team member will take the steps to do that.

Highly Responsive.

We maintain high responsiveness for both internal and external communication. Team members reply within 24 working hours to internal messages and to those of customers. Team members reserve the right to reach out to other team members through personal channels (text message or phone) if a time-sensitive message is not responded to. External emails that are received should always be replied to, even if it is a “thank you” or a “we’re working on and will get back to you”.

Non-Hustle Hustler.

We “hustle” when we absolutely have to hustle, but “hustle” is not our middle name. Our mission is to live a happy balanced life (see next value) while working in an effective and productive manner. When it’s possible, our work plates are filled within reason, not over-
committed. Team members are open to hustle when the company needs additional support, but we like brunches and blowouts.


We believe in a healthy lifestyle and self-care. We support team members in maintaining healthy habits, such as exercise, eating well, massage, getting makeup done, traveling at the optimal time. We believe in stress-relief and using our resources for health and efficiencies. This also includes the freedom and flexibility to work on your own schedule and at most productive times.


We commit our team and our resources to projects that we can identify will have a significant return on investment or positive impact on others or our business.  Projects are chosen through discussion and analysis of the effect the project will have on the company as a whole.


We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients and community and not putting a guard up to anyone asking for help or information.

Application Instructions:

If you’d like to be considered for this role please submit the following application: