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Is Instagram the Missing Piece of Your Business? (Make Money Going All-In on IG)

Are you wondering if you can make money on Instagram™? The simple answer is YES! Instagram™ is not just for teenagers. Brands of all sizes are making money and growing their following every day on Instagram™.

Keep reading this blog post to learn about three Ready, Set, Gram students who are making money by going all-in on Instagram™.

In this blog post: 

#1 Instagram™ Success Story: How Dan Grew to 64k Instagram™ Followers By Showing Up Consistently

First, let’s talk about showing up consistently on Instagram™. It’s something you hear the SBZ team talk about a lot. But are you actually doing it? If you’re still posting and dashing you’re missing out on a ton of potential customers. 

Just take a look at Dan (@Iographer). As a business owner specializing in mobile photography video gear, Dan had a few thousand followers on Instagram™. But he wasn’t seeing a ton of sales from the app. 

Dan's Instagram photo that shows a mini teleprompter on an iPhone screen.

After taking the Ready, Set, Gram course, Dan took our advice and started showing up consistently on Instagram™. Now, he’s made $64,000! 

Dan will be the first one to tell you that he’s not putting in a ton of work on Instagram™. It’s all about consistency. Even something as simple as using voice messages to respond to Direct Messages allows Dan to build closer relationships with his customers. 

When you commit to posting and engaging every day on Instagram™ you will see real results. 

#2 Instagram™ Success Story: How Cohesive Content Helped Shai and Leah Reach More Customers

Next, let’s talk about having cohesive Instagram™ content. That’s something Shai and Leah (@TwoTonedTraining) were struggling with on their Instagram™ account. These virtual workout sisters were on the app but didn’t have a strategy and they weren’t making any money. Is that something you can relate to? 

But after they created a cohesive look and feel for their brand, Shai and Leah are seeing results for their business. Now, they’ve gone from 200 followers to almost 7,000 followers in six months. They’re also selling boot camps and guides every day right from Instagram™. 

Shai and Leah pose for a black and white photo while holding workout weights.

Building a cohesive brand aesthetic sounds really simple, but a ton of brands totally miss the mark. Not only does it help you focus on sharing more consistent, relevant content, but it also helps to give potential customers a clearer picture of what your business is all about. 

Here’s an easy tip if you’re struggling to find a look and feel for your brand on Instagram™. Pick three brand colors and stick with it. Make sure those colors are in your Instagram™ content. Whether it’s your shirt, your props, or your branded logo in the background. 

#3 Instagram™ Success Story: How Laura Increased Her Sales by Showing Her Face on Camera

Finally, let’s talk about going live on Instagram™. I know, it’s probably the last thing you want to do. But, if you want to build stronger relationships with your customers then they need to know who you are. 

That’s the issue Laura (@TheHouseOfHandbury) was running into on her business Instagram™ account. As a business owner specializing in vintage antiques, Laura wanted to showcase her products but was really nervous to step in front of the camera.

Laura smiles as she shares an Instagram™ Story video in a strawberry field.

But since adding live curated vintages sales and special monthly sales, Laura has found her voice on Instagram™. She’s stepping boldly in front of the camera. Now, she’s increased her sales and gained thousands of followers.

If you’re nervous to go live on Instagram™, that’s totally fine. Start small and share Instagram™ Story videos to build your confidence. You can even try using your favorite filter. Once you’re more comfortable with being front and center, you can add more video content into your Instagram™ strategy. 

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