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Instagram Stories Tip for Better Engagement: How to Use Subtitles and Captions on IG

I want to let you in on a huge secret. Your Instagram™ engagement is about to explode with this Instagram™ Stories tip: Use subtitles and captions on your stories. It’s worth it!

Keep reading this blog post to learn why using subtitles is a win with the Instagram™ algorithm and the two transcribing apps that will save you a lot of time. 

In this blog post: 

Instagram™ Stories Tip: Why You Should Use Closed Captions

Subtitles are still one of the best ways to encourage people, even if they’re watching on mute, to watch your Instagram™ Stories all the way through. In fact, 85% of people actually want Instagram on silent! 

That means if you’re not using subtitles, also referred to as closed captions, then you’re missing out on a lot of people. No matter where or how people are watching your Stories, you want them to know exactly what you’re talking about. 

Whether you opt to capture every word or share a summary, Instagram™ subtitles give people a reason to stick around. When more people watch your Instagram™ Stories, you gain more views and a big win with the Instagram™ algorithm

Now let’s talk about two apps that will make adding subtitles easier. 

Instagram™ Subtitles App: Threads

Do you worry that trying to capture every word for your Instagram™ Story is going to take way too long? It’s easy with the Instagram™ Threads app. 

Sue B Zimmerman looks into the camera as she records and autocaptions an Instagram Story video.

Instead of trying to type every word you say, the Instagram™ Threads app auto-captions your video. You can even add closed captions to a pre-recorded video. Once Instagram™ Threads has transcribed your video, you can then edit your caption and download your new video. 

Sue B Zimmerman looks into the camera as the captions pop up on her Instagram Story.

Instagram™ Subtitles App: Kapwing

Another Instagram™ subtitle app that I love is Kapwing. Unlike the Instagram™ Threads app, Kapwing is a content creation website. 

While the Instagram™ Threads app captions your video with a uniform white, bold text, Kapwing gives you a variety of ways to customize your captions. From picking your brand hex colors to adjusting the opacity, you can ensure your subtitles are cohesive with your Instagram™ aesthetic. 

How to Choose Between Threads & Kapwing

Now, here’s the big question you’re probably asking yourself: “Sue, which closed caption tool should I use?” 

Ultimately, both apps have a lot to offer and are easy to use. But here’s how I boil it down: 

  • Instagram™ Threads App = Good for short videos (less than 15 seconds) 
  • Kapwing = Good for longer videos 

Even if you choose not to capture every word, maybe because you don’t have time, bulleting your main points is also an effective strategy for keeping people tuned in. 

You’re making epic content, and adding closed captions ensures you get as many views as possible. 

Examples of Instagram™ Accounts Using Subtitles

Whether you opt to use the Instagram™ Threads app, Kapwing, or just bullet your main points, it’s always worth the time to add subtitles. 

For example, Jenn, who specializes in local business marketing, always makes it a habit to add subtitles with the Instagram™ Threads app to her Stories. Even when she doesn’t add other Instagram™ creative elements, since she uses subtitles it’s always clear what Jenn’s Story is focused on. 

Jenn's Instagram Story video auto-captions as she uses the Instagram Threads app.

Another Instagram™ account that does a great job adding subtitles is Essentially Lucy. While she doesn’t use a closed captions app, Lucy always takes the time to type out what she’s saying. It might take a little extra time, but it’s worth it to ensure that her followers always know the topic of her Story. 

Lucy's Instagram Story shows her holding a small bottle of essential oils in her hands with text overlay summarizing what she's saying.

The last Instagram™ account that does a great job with adding closed captions is Beatrice, an abstract artist. Even though she doesn’t type out every word, Beatrice does a great job using the text tool to summarize her Instagram™ Story. 

Beatrice's Instagram Story shows her abstract painting with text overlay summarizing her main Stories points.

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