Instagram Stories: The Latest Features You Should Be Using

Since its rollout in April 2017, Instagram Stories has been picking up steam – and it’s not slowing down anytime soon with over 250 million people using it every day. That means if you’re not using Instagram Stories for your business, now is the time!

Instagram is always updating its stories feature, so it’s important that business owners stay tuned in to the latest trends. Check out how these four new Instagram Stories features can work for your business. Not using Instagram Stories yet? Read this blog post first.

#1 Hyperlink your stories post

Want a bit of help getting people to visit your website? Instagram Stories now allows some users to include links right in their stories. One catch, you must have a business profile and 10,000 followers. Here’s how to add one:

      Tap on the link icon found on the top side of your story

      Paste your link

How can you maximize the link in profile for your business? Think strategic. Don’t just link to your website’s homepage. If you’re talking about a specific product or service, go ahead and include that link. If your followers have to click around to find what you’re looking for, you’ll probably lose their attention. If you have over 10k followers and you have a business account, there is now a swipe up feature where you can link to the product or blog you are referencing. 

If you’re looking for inspiration check out @ToneItUp. Katrina and Karen, the brand founders, use Instagram Stories to highlight workout routines and surveys. This helps them to maximize traffic to their website, while also keeping it relevant to their stories content.


#2 Hashtag Stickers

You know I’m always abuzz about hashtag hubs, but have you seen the latest hashtag stickers? Much like a hashtag, your followers can click on the sticker to see all of the content that’s been tagged with that word or phrase.

Just like the hashtags you use in your profile pictures, the sticker should be relevant to your business. Accounts like Christian Florez (@christianflorezyoga) know where their ideal clients are exploring and use this knowledge to get more eyes on their stories.

Put it to the test! Create a list of hashtags that you believe are applicable to your business, and then track how many views these stories get. Over time you’ll have a better idea of which hashtags work best for your account.


#3 Location Stickers

This is a feature that can work for you, even if you don’t have a brick and mortar business. Similar to including a geotag in your Instagram post, location stickers allow you to connect with people nearby.


Hitting the road? You can still use location stickers as you travel. You’d be surprised the connections you can make even when you’re not in your neck of the woods. I’m always using location stickers at my various conferences and speaking engagements. Trust me, it’s a great way to get your content in front of people’s eyeballs – even if they’re sitting right next to you.

Keep in mind that not all locations have stickers, and some bigger cities (like New York City) have location stickers for various neighborhoods. Check out my Instagram Stories (@TheInstagramExpert) to see how I use the location stickers in my hometown, Boston!


#4 Rewind feature

Sometimes an Instagram Story feature is just so cool you can’t resist using it. The new rewind feature is an easy way to add a touch of magic to your story.

Whether you’re a food blogger whipping up a smoothie or a personal trainer showing a new workout, rewind is an entertaining way to capture your followers’ attention. Followers are always on the lookout for genuine accounts that aren’t always trying to sell, sell, sell.

While you don’t want to overuse it, try including rewind in your stories content to gauge how your followers react. My guess … they’re going to love it!



There’s so much more to know about Instagram Stories

Go on, try making Instagram Stories part of your Instagram strategy! As always, make sure to take time to fully understand all of the options and updates popping up on Instagram. Don’t just hop on a trend because you notice other accounts using it.

Instead, make a plan that will allow you to fully utilize Instagram features, like Instagram Stories, in ways that will enrich your business. If you’re still unsure how to kick off Instagram Stories, or want to hear about MORE of the awesome updates, register for my live social media class, Instagram For Business that will give you the nuts and bolts you need to build a stories strategy that creates a real authentic relationship with your followers. See you in class!