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Instagram Live Updates: Should You Save Your Live Broadcast as an IGTV

Going live on Instagram™ has changed a lot. It used to be when you went live you could save your broadcast for 24 hours. But with the latest Instagram™ Live updates you have a couple of options to save your broadcast, which includes adding it to your IGTV. 

Plus, since more people are tapping in to explore IGTV, building out your IGTV channel is a great opportunity to grow your audience. 

Ready to save your live broadcast to IGTV? Keep reading this blog post to discover four things you need to know before your saving your broadcast. 

In this blog post: 

#1 Should You Save Your Instagram™ Live to IGTV?

As people continue to demand more unfiltered, authentic content, Instagram™ Live has become an increasingly important way to connect with your Instagram™ followers.

But with the latest Instagram™ Live update, your broadcast doesn’t have to disappear after 24 hours. Instead, you can save your Instagram™ Lives as part of your IGTV channel. 

Now, does this mean you should save all of your live broadcasts? Not exactly. Here are four things to keep in mind before you save an Instagram™ Live to your IGTV channel:

  • Do you want the content to live in your feed? 
  • Does your Instagram Live fit the aesthetic of your feed? 
  • Is your live content amazing? 
  • Does your broadcast include a guest? 

Bottom line: Be intentional about the Instagram™ Live broadcasts you choose to add to your IGTV channel. Not every broadcast needs to be saved.

#2 Steps to Take Before You Go Live

Unfiltered doesn’t mean unprepared. Here are the three things my team and I always do to prepare before we go live: 

Plan Out Content in Advance

My team and I plan a tight script that covers the broadcast from beginning to end. The less you fumble, the more polished your broadcast will appear to people tuning in. Plus, drafting a script ensures that the first words out of your mouth are the topic of your video. 

Have a Cover Image Ready

Making sure that the cover image of your live broadcast fits in with your feed aesthetic is also important. Instead of picking a still shot from your video, I recommend designing a branded graphic ahead of time that you can save in your camera roll. 

Plan a Strong IGTV Caption

One of the biggest mistakes people make in their Instagram Live descriptions is forgetting to add a strong call-to-action. Don’t make people second guess what you’re asking them to do. Instead, put your hook at the beginning of the description. 

#3 How to Save an Instagram™ Live Broadcast to IGTV

Now that we’ve covered when you should add an Instagram™ Live to IGTV and how to plan for your broadcast, let’s walk through how to share a broadcast to your IGTV channel. 

First, when you’re ready to end your Instagram™ Live broadcast just tap on “end” in the top right corner. 

Sue B Zimmerman holds her phone as she points to the top right corner of her screen and the end broadcast button.

Now, you’ll see a few options pop up. You can choose to share to IGTV, download, or delete your video. I always recommend downloading your video so you can add captions

Sue B Zimmerman holds her phone and points to the options available after you end an Instagram™ live broadcast.

Finally, once you opt to add your broadcast to IGTV, you can pick the cover image. Sometimes it can take awhile for the cover image to populate from your camera roll. Not to worry if your cover image doesn’t show up right away. 

Sue B Zimmerman holds her phone and points to the bottom of the screen where she can upload a custom graphic for her Instagram™ Live before it's saved to IGTV.

Another thing to keep in mind is your viewer retention. The longer your Instagram Live broadcast, the more likely people are to fall off. To keep your viewer retention high, make your value clear from the very beginning of your video. 

But making the value of your broadcast clear isn’t the only way to encourage more views. You can also leverage the fear of missing out, also known as FOMO. 

My weekly Monday broadcasts are typically between 45-60 minutes long, and I never save them to my IGTV channel. Instead, I build hype using FOMO so viewers tune in. My followers know that this is their one and only chance to see this broadcast. 

#4 My Final Tip

This brings us to my final Instagram™ Live tip. Don’t fumble the end of your video! I cannot tell you the number of times that I’ve watched a great broadcast, only for the person to end the video frantically searching for the end button. 

Take a breath, and remember that the end button is always in the top right corner. You want to avoid the final freeze frame of your video being of you frantically trying to end the broadcast. Instead, always try to end your video with a welcoming smile. 

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