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Instagram for Beginners: Do these Things to be Successful on IG

Are you a beginner on Instagram™? You don’t have to wait to make an impact. Keep reading this blog to learn the things you need to do as a beginner on Instagram™ to be successful right away.

In this blog post: 

Identify Your Instagram™ Account Category

First, as a beginner on Instagram™, you need to identify your Instagram™ account category. It will help potential customers find you. Plus, it will give potential customers an idea of what your business is all about before they start exploring your account. 

Here’s how you edit your Instagram™ account category. 

First, go to your Instagram™ business account and tap edit profile. If you’re still deciding if a business Instagram™ account is right for you, watch this YouTube video

Sue B. Zimmerman's Instagram profile with a green arrow pointing to the edit profile button.

Next, under business information you can edit: the page your Instagram™ business account is connected to, your business category, and your business contact information.

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram profile with a green arrow pointing to the category tab.

Finally, once you’ve finished updating your business information, tap on “done” to return to your Instagram™ profile. 

A list of Instagram™ business category options.

Determine Your Instagram™ Account Username

Next up let’s talk about picking your Instagram™ account username. So often I hear from business owners who think they’re stuck with the first Instagram™ username they pick. But that’s not the case! 

You can always change your Instagram™ account username as long as it’s not being used by another account. But keep in mind that there is a 14-day security lock when you change your username. You can make one or two changes to your username before it’s locked for changes. 

Here’s what you should keep in mind when picking your Instagram™ account username: 

  • It should be your name or your business name
  • It should be the same as your other social platforms
  • It should be easily searchable
  • It should not include numbers unless it’s part of your business name 

Brand Your Instagram™ Account with a Recognizable and Professional Profile Photo

Now, let’s talk about branding your Instagram™ account. A blurry selfie isn’t going to cut it. Here are a few ways to make your Instagram™ profile photo pop:

  • Use a strong background color
  • Use props that represent your business or industry niche
  • Use a clear high-resolution logo 

I don’t recommend changing your Instagram™ profile photo all the time. Once you have a good Instagram™ profile photo try to stick with it so your photo or logo will be easily recognizable to your followers.

Pick an Instagram™ Account Name with SEO in Mind

Finally, let’s talk about the best way to make your Instagram™ account name searchable. Just like Google uses SEO to help people find relevant content, Instagram™ also has a search engine via its explore page. 

When someone types a keyword into the Instagram™ search feature, Instagram™ accounts and usernames with those keywords will pop up. That’s why you want to fit as many keywords in your Instagram™ account and username as possible. 

The more relevant your Instagram™ account and username are, the more likely people are to find your content. 

For example, my username is @TheInstagramExpert and my account name is Sue B. Zimmerman business coach. Whether someone is searching for my business or me, they can always find my account. 

Sue B. Zimmerman's Instagram™ profile.

The biggest mistake that businesses make is by using the same thing for their username and account name. That’s wasting important real estate! It can take time to find the SEO-perfect name. 

But when you’re ready to dive into finding the perfect Instagram™ account and username, I recommend writing down a few keywords that describe your business. Once you narrow it down, and see how your industry competitors are standing out, you can narrow down your options. 

For example, my RSG client Dr. Steven Struhl has crafted his Instagram™ bio so anyone searching for an orthopedic surgeon in New York City will be able to easily find him. 

Dr Steven Struhl's Instagram™ profile.

He even takes it one step further in his Instagram™ bio by laying out what he specializes in and a link to book consultations. People don’t even need to scroll through his Instagram™ profile to find all the relevant information they need. 

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