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Instagram Coaching for Beginners

I have to share something with you. My beginner’s guide to Instagram 2020 is a bit different than year’s past. This year I’ve realized there’s a much more important step even before setting up your account … It’s confidence!

Keep reading to learn more about how you can build confidence on Instagram and how this self-assuredness will help you cultivate a stronger Instagram community. 

#1 Instagram Coaching for Beginners: Get Comfortable With Your Why 

It seems like such a simple question, but I find this is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for new businesses on Instagram. Before you plan out an impressive Instagram aesthetic or posting strategy, start with the basics. Think about what makes you bounce out of bed in the morning. 

Write down the three things that inspires you the most. Consider these your touchstone as you plan your Instagram content. While these things might be unique to you, the joy you exude will catch the attention of potential followers. 

Even as my business has grown and expanded over the past several years, my why has always been focused on building a community of passionate like-minded business owners and helping them meet their goals. If you think of impact before income then your mind is in the right place. 

#2 Instagram Coaching for Beginners: Post Content that is Important to Your Audience

With over 1 billion users, Instagram can feel like an overcrowded place. But that shouldn’t discourage you — that just means that your audience is already on Instagram waiting to discover your content. When you post content that is important to your audience, they’ll take notice. 

Rather than casting a wide content net, focus on your audience’s struggles and key pain points. This is the kind of content that will not only grab their attention, but keep them engaged and coming back to learn more. 

#3 Instagram Coaching for Beginners: Break Through Fear 

Eventually, if you want to find business success on Instagram, you have to push through the fear. This could mean sharing more vulnerable content, responding to followers’ comments, or reaching out to other accounts. 

But, time and time again my coaching clients tell me that their biggest challenge on Instagram is sharing videos. Rather than thinking about talking to the one billion users on Instagram, record your video like you’re talking to a friend. 

From sharing Instagram Stories, hopping on Live, or uploading an IGTV episode, video content opens up a ton of exciting ways to introduce yourself to new audiences. 

#4 Instagram Coaching for Beginners: Remember that Everyone ‘Effs’ Up

Yep, we’re all bound to ‘eff’ up on Instagram now and then. Whether it’s saying the wrong thing or misspellings, it happens to all of us. But this fear of messing up shouldn’t stop you from showing up on Instagram. 

Forget living in a world of perfectionism, and step boldly into sharing your authentic self. 

#5 Instagram Coaching for Beginners: Get Comfortable on the Instagram App

From posting IGTV episodes, crafting the perfect Instagram bio, or going Live, take the time you need to become comfortable with the Instagram app. That means you don’t “post it and forget it.” Instead, you should be able to confidently share in each of the Instagram ‘neighborhoods.’ 

When you’re comfortable with Instagram and all of its features, you can post with purpose and connect with a larger audience. 

#6 Instagram Coaching for Beginners: Switch to a Business Account 

Switching from a personal to business account is another way to gain more insights about your Instagram followers. With a business account you can better understand who your followers are, which content is driving the most engagement, and other helpful analytics. 

Here’s how to switch to a business account: 

  • First, tap on the three bars in the top right corner of your profile page 

A white arrow points to a screenshot of Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram profile and the stacked bars in the top right corner.

  • Then, tap on switch to business profile

A white arrow points to the Instagram settings menu that says switch to a business profile.

#7 Instagram Coaching for Beginners: Get Started

There’s no better way to familiarize yourself with Instagram than to jump in with both feet. Members of your community don’t expect you to be perfect, they just want you to show up as your authentic self. Gaffes will happen, but that shouldn’t stop you from sharing content. 

Having a strong Instagram account isn’t just about a perfectly curated feed or professionally shot videos. Brands and businesses with an engaged following know who they are, what their audience wants to see, and take the time to make sure that content is front and center.

This isn’t about having hundreds of thousands of followers. Growing at a slow but steady pace gives you time to ensure that you’re connecting with the right people who are going to have an emotional investment in your brand. 

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