Instagram Bio Hashtags

Your Instagram bio is a huge part of your business account. If your bio does not appropriately express who you are, what you do, and why you do it, you can lose out on followers and clients. I want to make sure you are using the right words and hashtags in your bio.

Here’s everything you need to know about including hashtags in your Instagram bio. 

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Instagram Bio Tip #1: Why Your Bio is So Important

It’s one of the common mistakes that I see on Instagram. Businesses and brands use hashtags in their Instagram bios that are too general. Using vague hashtags — like Boston, nutrition, or social media — won’t drive more people to your Instagram account.

Instead, when people tap on the hashtag in your bio, they’ll stumble into another hashtag hub. Since this hashtag is likely crowded with other content, they’re less likely to come back to your Instagram account. 

For example, take a look at Kassady Gibson’s original Instagram bio. As one of my current Ready, Set, Gram students, one of my first tips for Kassady was to brainstorm some brand-specific hashtags for her bio. The hashtag, #pickyeater, didn’t reflect what’s unique about her business. Using a hashtag that’s unique to your business will help you build a larger community and drive more interest in the products or services you offer. 

Kassady Gibson’s Instagram bio that describes her business as helping parents deal with their kids being picky eaters.

Instagram Bio Tip #2: Pick a Hashtag That’s Unique To Your Business

As mentioned, you want to use a brand-specific hashtag in your Instagram bio. A unique hashtag allows you to build a larger community around your business and find user generated content that you can potentially share.

Kurgo, and their brand specific hashtag #KurgoTogether, is a great example of a unique brand hashtag. To date, their hashtag hub has grown to over 26k posts. This collection of pet-friendly content has built a welcoming and engaging community that catches the eye of potential customers. 

An Instagram hub for #KurgoTogether that shows a wide variety of dogs enjoying outdoor adventures.

I also use a brand specific hashtag, #RSGCommunity, for my business. Since my business is almost exclusively online, sharing this brand-specific hashtag has allowed me to not only connect with my customers on Instagram, but it’s also allowed us to build strong relationships offline. Whenever our community is looking for some motivation or business inspiration, they know they can tap in and explore this hashtag hub. 

An Instagram hub for the #RSGCommunity that shows a wide variety of inspirational business content.

Instagram Bio Tip #3: Why You Should Use One Hashtag in Your Bio

What’s important to remember is that you don’t have to build a bustling hashtag hub overnight. It takes time to build a strong Instagram community, and for people to start using your brand-specific hashtag.

One important thing to remember is that you want to make it very clear which hashtag you want people to use. That’s why I recommend only having one hashtag in your Instagram bio. Once you have that hashtag as being clearly connected to your business, it will go a long way in helping you build your brand on Instagram. 

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