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Instagram Artwork Sales: Tips to Sell Art on IG

Are you an artist looking to make sales on Instagram? Are you seeing successful art accounts but you’re just not sure how that would translate to your space on Instagram? I got you, and these tips will help you sell more art on Instagram. 

Instagram is a platform that inspires creativity, but that can make it difficult for artists to stand out. Here are seven strategies you might not have thought of to implement on Instagram. 

#1 Instagram Subtitles 

This is probably the number one mistake that artists make on Instagram. Even though it’s often overlooked, the Instagram subtitle is really valuable real estate. 

Not only is this great SEO, keywords that helps bump you in search, but it also allows you to drill down into your artistic niche. Oftentimes when people are browsing for art on Instagram, they’re looking for something very specific. Make it easier for potential followers and clients to find you.

Carrie Clayden is a great example of someone who is making the most of her Instagram subtitle. Right away, Carrie’s Instagram subtitle tells you that she specializes in acrylics and creates light-filled art. There’s no second-guessing here, and it inspires people to explore her feed. 


Carrie Clayden’s Instagram bio that includes her key words in the subtitle.


#2 Show Credibility 

Instagram is overflowing with creatives who are selling their art. One of the easiest ways to demonstrate your skills on Instagram is by showing your credibility. 

Maybe it’s a photo of your paintings in a gallery or a workshop you’re hosting. Whatever you choose, these images demonstrate to people that you are willing to invite them into your artistic world. 

Samuel Price, the creative mind behind My Dog Collage, does this a lot on his Instagram feed. Whether he’s teaching a class at the local college or leading a small workshop, Sam demonstrates his skills as an artist and an educator to his followers.


Samuel Price’s Instagram photo features him leading a painting workshop.


#3 Share a Behind-the-Scenes Peek 

Of course, people love to see your finished works. But why not let them be a part of the entire artistic process? 

A behind-the-scenes photo or video is a great way to tap into people’s natural curiosity about your one-of-a-kind creations. Plus, this content is a great way to break up your typical Instagram feed. 

Take a look at Sue Allemand’s Instagram feed, for example. She does a beautiful job showing her abstract and expressionist skills, but she also gives people a peek at the little touches that go into her finished paintings. 


Sue Allemand holds a stylist tool as she draws on her tablet.


#4 Show Your Artistic Work 

I know what you’re thinking, “Sue this is obvious.” But, you would be amazed at the number of people who just post a close up picture of their art and call it a day. 

That’s not an effective strategy. You’ve put all this time into creating your unique art, so make sure that you’re putting that splash of creativity in your Instagram post. 

Jessica, founder of Brown Paper Bunny, always shares her art in a unique way. Her unique bird’s eye view of her drawings, often surrounded by pens and other creative tools, peak the interest of her followers. It’s also a subtle way to tell her followers that it’s not just about her finished illustration, but all of the creativity and hard-work that goes into what she creates. 


Jessica holds a paint brush as she finishes her painting of her favorite book covers.


#5 Give a Glimpse at What Inspires You 

Creative minds know that it’s not just about what you envision for your art, but what inspires you to create every single day. Go ahead and share that inspiration with your followers. 

From nature to your family, it’s all worth sharing. It’s a personal touch that can help you humanize your business, reminding people that there’s a real person behind the avatar. 

For example, one artist on Instagram that is always offering a lot of inspiration is Denise Mortensen. As a creative who is focused on capturing life’s beauty and wonder, she uses moments like this atop Mauna Kea Observatory to give a deeper meaning to her work. 


Denise Mortensen shares a sunset photo from atop Mauna Kea Observatory.


#6 Create Instagram Highlights for Your Portfolio 

Did you think that Instagram Stories Highlights were only about taking your followers on a walk down memory lane? There’s so much more! Even better for artists, Instagram Stories Highlights can act as an evergreen art gallery, artistic process, and other inspiration. 

Just like a gallery space, you can arrange your Instagram Stories Highlights to showcase your latest work or other content that you want to get more eyeballs on. Do you have a piece of art that gets a lot of love and engagement? Go ahead and put that at the front of your Highlights. 

Take a look at what Betty Krause does with her flower-inspired, abstract art in her Instagram Highlights. Not only does drum up interest in her workshops, but she also shows the art that’s already sold to give her followers some serious FOMO. 


Betty Krause’s Instagram Story Highlights capture all the aspects of her business.


#7 Think About Instagram As Your Gallery 

You don’t need a physical location to give your followers a gallery-like experience. Think about where you want people to come in, what you want them to see, and the experience that you want for them to have. 

But that doesn’t mean you only share photos of your art hanging on a wall or displayed. If anything, that shouldn’t be your go-to Instagram post. Instead, think creatively about how you can present your art on Instagram. 

For example, Jeannie Douglas often holds her art and peaks over the top. Even a close-up photo gives her followers a different perspective, just like strolling through a gallery and leaning in for a closer look. 


Jeannie Douglas peeks over the top of her painting.


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