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IGTV: How To Get Started Using IGTV for Business

 Not sure what the hype is all about around IGTV? Or if you should be using IGTV for your business? That’s why today I am going to tell you how to get started with IGTV and if it’s worth your time.

Let’s back up. People are demanding more video content, and Instagram has heard them loud and clear. That’s why Instagram recently introduced its newest feature IGTV, short for “Instagram TV.” IGTV is Instagram’s way of disrupting the traditional TV and video experience by offering a mobile-first experience.


What is IGTV?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of creating an IGTV video for your business, let’s discuss what makes IGTV different. IGTV is actually an app created by Instagram. It allows users to create longer, more polished videos than people typically see on the platform. Unverified accounts can create videos that last 10 minutes, and verified accounts can create videos that last up to an hour. Unlike an Instagram Story, these videos are evergreen and will continue to exist on your account even after 24 hours.

What also sets IGTV apart for business is that its content is created for a mobile audience. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Aren’t most social media videos made to be viewed on mobile?” Not exactly. Unlike YouTube or other social platforms, all of the videos for IGTV are vertical. Instagram isn’t trying to compete with YouTube, instead, it’s creating content that is specific to Instagram and help you further connect with your audience – minus all of the typical video restrictions.  

How is IGTV different than Instagram Stories and going live?

While you typically share Instagram Stories on the fly and in a format that’s less polished, IGTV is intended to give people a different kind of video experience. As far as the creative process goes, think of IGTV as one step up from your Instagram Stories. They don’t have to be perfect but your IGTV should align with your brand’s aesthetic and have a central purpose to its content. This focus on higher production value is also apparent since IGTV videos don’t disappear after 24 hours, unlike Instagram Live.

Should you use IGTV for your business?

This is one of the biggest questions I hear – and I get it. Your hours are limited and you’re already stretched too thin. That’s why I suggest that if you’re comfortable with Instagram and being in front of the camera, go for it. IGTV is a great creative outlet and a fun way to diversify your daily Instagram content.

When should you hold off sharing on IGTV for business? If you are not totally comfortable with Instagram or don’t have a consistent posting strategy, it doesn’t make sense to add another item to your social media to-do list.

How to create an IGTV

Now that we’ve gotten those questions answered, let’s dive step-by-step into how to create an IGTV.

#1 Create your channel

–       Download and open the IGTV app

Sue B Zimmerman shares a screenshot of the app store and the IGTV app.

–       Sign in with your Instagram username and password

–       Tap the wheel in the middle of the screen on the right side of the avatar

Sue B Zimmerman's IGTV feed.

–       Select “create channel”

Sue B Zimmerman's IGTV channel with the menu open prompting her to create a new IGTV channel.

–       Tap “next” through the Instagram prompts

Sue B Zimmerman's IGTV with a menu that prompts her to create her own channel.

–       Hit “create channel” again

#2 Upload a video

–       Tap your avatar

Sue B Zimmerman's IGTV channel.

–       Hit the plus sign

–       Select a saved video from your camera roll

Sue B Zimmerman's IGTV channel with her camera roll open so she can select a video clip.

#3 Add your video and pick your cover photo

–       Select a photo from your camera roll or a still from your IGTV video

Sue B Zimmerman's IGTV video with a menu open prompting her to edit her IGTV cover.

#4 Create a strong IGTV title and description

–       To save time, I copy + paste from my notes app

–       Whatever you decide to name your video, remember that people shouldn’t have to guess the theme or purpose of your IGTV content

–       Add links, hashtags and @mentions all of which are searchable

Sue B Zimmerman's IGTV video with the description open to edit.

What’s next? Take a look at your Instagram analytics

Without a doubt, one of the things that I love most about IGTV is the analytics. Just tap the three dots on your video and you can see your insights, like views, comments and audience retention.


Sue B Zimmerman's IGTV insights.

Pay particular attention to audience retention sine that will help you create better content and see on average how long people watch your videos. Notice that most people drop off after five minutes? Consider restrategizing your IGTV content, whether you shorten your video or change up your content flow.

Sue B Zimmerman's IGTV insights.


Who’s owning IGTV right now? It’s SocialBakers

Social Baker's IGTV video.


Since IGTV is still a new update, there’s a lot of people aimlessly sharing content. But one account that is continuing to broadcast high-quality, entertaining content is SocialBakers. As a digital marketing suite, SocialBakers knows that their customers are always looking for the latest, most relevant digital strategies.

That’s why they use their IGTV channel as an extension of their blog and customer feedback. Whatever the topic, from IGTV to digital ads, SocialBakers keeps their IGTV content relevant, timely and engaging.  

Pro tip: Edit your IGTV on your desktop

That’s right! Notice a typo in your description? Or want to change up your call-to-action? You can login to Instagram from your desktop and easily make changes. This is a huge time saver and makes it easier to edit your content.

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