How to Use Social Rank for Instagram

Do you know that you can identify, manage, and organize your Instagram followers? Social Rank is a free online tool, which makes it easy for you to conduct research for your business on Instagram. With seven different categories, each containing multiple subcategories, you can maximize your reach and find out how you can better engage your followers.  Whether you’re looking for your most valuable, best, or most engaged followers, here are some of the ways you can utilize Social Rank’s tools.


Keyword Search


Your Instagram name and bio gives your followers a snapshot of your business. If you’re looking to see how your followers are utilizing their accounts, try searching for keywords in both their bios and Instagram handles. For example, if I search Instagram names with the keyword “Instagram” in the handle, my account, The Instagram Expert, immediately comes up. Try searching for keywords related to your business. By searching for content that is relevant to your account, you can see how your followers are successfully marketing their own brands, and different strategies you can implement.




Searching for locations is the perfect tool if you’re a business that is trying to attract local customers. By searching for followers within a specific geographical area you can see how other businesses are managing their Instagram accounts, and what is attracting customers. For example, I’ll be hosting a breakthrough session with my friend Steve Dotto, from Dotto Tech, at Kim Garst’s Social Boom Live Conference in Chicago.  To help fill the few seats we have remaining, I can use Social Rank to search for my followers in the Chicago area to see who might be interested in attending. Even better, I can export this data into a .CSV file, which makes it even easier to organize my marketing strategy. The locations tool is also useful if you’re a local business looking to assess your competition. By searching in your area you can see which accounts are getting high engagement, and what seems to be grabbing the attention of customers.


Hashtag Research

Hashtags are your number one tool in getting eyeballs on your account. Researching specific hashtags is an easy way to see how your followers are using the hashtags to advance their own marketing campaigns. With Social Rank, not only can you see which users are utilizing hashtags relevant to your account, but you can also assess their most frequently used and highly searched hashtags. By comparing your own hashtag strategy with your followers you’ll see how you can improve, and which hashtags you should incorporate into your own account.


With detailed category functionalities and filters, Social Rank is an invaluable tool for gaining insight into your Instagram followers marketing strategies. So go ahead and dive into Social Rank, and find out how you improve your Instagram account. After all, your followers are more than numbers; they are vital part of helping you find #InstaAmazing business success.