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How to Stop Wasting Time on Instagram

I’m always looking for ways to save time on Instagram, and I know you are too. Whether it’s posting faster, staying more organized or repurposing content, I am here for it! That’s why in this blog post I’m sharing 5 tactics that will help stop wasting time on Instagram. 

In this blog post: 

#1 How to Stop Wasting Time on Instagram: Repurpose your Instagram Content

First, let’s talk about repurposing your Instagram content. Many businesses and brands spend a lot of time creating eye-catching content, but then they never share it again. You want to make the most out of your content!

But, here’s something you might not know: Posts, IGTV videos, and even Instagram Highlights can be shared with unique links. 

That’s right, you can actually grab a link from your Instagram content and then share it as part of your other digital content. That includes emails, links on your website, or via Instagram Direct Message. With these unique links you can get more exposure for your Instagram and get more use out of your content. 

Here’s a YouTube video that will take you through exactly how to grab the link, where to use it, and why it’s an important part of your Instagram content strategy. 

#2 How to Stop Wasting Time on Instagram: An Effective Instagram Stories System

Next, let’s talk about implementing an effective Instagram Stories system. This system will help you know exactly what to share with your followers on Instagram. That means no more guesswork! 

If you’re struggling with what to share and how to show up in Instagram Stories, you need this Stories strategy. 

The reality is, there are five different Instagram Stories you can regularly share. Watch this YouTube video to also learn: 

  • The basic Instagram Stories strategy 
  • How you can get people to know who you are, even if you’re new to the app
  • How to drive people to posts, Reels, and IGTVs
  • How to share your authority in Instagram Stories 
  • How to get MORE out of your Instagram Stories by sharing older content

#3 How to Stop Wasting Time on Instagram: Create Instagram Content using Drafts

Now, let’s talk about how to use Instagram drafts. This is a free feature on Instagram that helps you prepare posts, all without having to use additional software. 

When you’re ready to share your draft post all you need to do is open the app, go to drafts, and share. Check out this video to learn the exact step-by-step instructions for creating draft posts. Trust me, this is a major pro tip that will save you from a lot of headaches. 

#4 How to Stop Wasting Time on Instagram: Use Instagram Direct Message Quick Replies

Next up, you can save a lot of time on Instagram by using Direct Message quick replies. Instead of typing the same response over and over, quick replies allow you to respond in just a few taps. 

A screenshot of Sue B Zimmerman's quick reply options.

I love using quick replies for commonly asked questions. Even better, you can have up to 20 quick reply options. Watch this YouTube video to discover how to create quick replies, what to say in a quick reply, and when to NEVER use a quick reply. 

#5 How to Stop Wasting Time on Instagram: Become a Pro at Navigating the Instagram App

Finally, here’s my last tip that will help you save time on your Instagram content creation. To save a lot of time, you need to be a PRO at navigating the Instagram app. There are actually a bunch of shortcuts in the app that can help you navigate quickly and effectively. 

All that time saved adds up! Watch this YouTube video to learn all about these shortcuts and other ways to become a pro at navigating the Instagram app. These shortcuts might surprise you. 

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