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How to Decide if You Should Have a Business or a Creator Account on Instagram

Have you ever wondered if you should have a business account or a creator Instagram™ account? In this blog post I am going to help you decide which Instagram™ account is best for your business.

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How to Change Your Instagram™ Account

Before we dive into the pros and cons of the different types of Instagram™ accounts, here’s how to change your account. 

First, navigate to your Instagram™ profile and tap on the three stacked bars in the top right corner. Then tap on settings. 

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram profile with an arrow pointing to the stacked bars in the top right corner.

Once you have your settings open scroll down and tap on account. 

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram™ account settings with a white arrow pointing to account.

Finally, scroll down and you can choose to have a business or creator account.

Sue B Zimmerman's account settings with the creator option illuminated in blue.

What You Need to Know About Creator Instagram™ Accounts

Initially rolled out in early 2019, creator accounts were Instagram’s way of giving influencers more flexibility and insights to leverage the app. When Instagram rolled out the creator account option they said these profiles are “Best for public figures, content producers, artists, and influencers.”

While influencers and public figures operate their Instagram™ accounts like a business in many ways, they don’t necessarily want to share all their contact information (like their phone number) or their business location. 

Much like a business account, the creator account offers insights and more ways to manage content and Instagram™ direct messages. Instead of one general Direct Message inbox, creator accounts have three folders:

  • Primary: Messages that the influencer chooses to receive
  • General: Messages that the influencer does not want to see
  • Request: Messages from people that the influencer doesn’t follow

With all of the features included with a creator account, you might be thinking, “Yes, I’m ready to make the switch now!” But not so fast. One big downside to creator accounts is that you cannot use third party scheduling apps. For busy business owners, this can be a big turn off and take up a lot of your time if you’re trying to schedule content. 

What You Need to Know about Business Instagram™ Accounts

Now what if you’re not an influencer, but you still want to gain insights about your Instagram™ account. Then a business Instagram™ account might be the right fit for you. 

Unlike a creator account, where you can hide your phone number and email, business accounts allow you to add a contact button. Your followers will never have to guess how to get in touch with you. 

Another benefit of a business account, similar to the creator account, is access to analytics. From your individual post insights to a snapshot of your account overall, these analytics can help you assess your content strategy. These analytics also include your follower insights so you can ensure you’re always creating content with your followers in mind. 

Lastly, having a business Instagram™ account allows you to create Instagram™ ads within the app. Whether you want to promote an individual post or roll out a larger Instagram™ ad campaign, you can plan out an entire strategy in just a few taps. 

Bottom line if you’re deciding between a creator or business account: 

  • Creator account = influencers
  • Business account = businesses and brands

How to Keep Your Instagram™ Account Secure

Whichever account you choose, it’s equally important that your Instagram™ account is secure. Hackers happen. That’s why I strongly encourage you to turn on two-factor authentication. 

Watch this YouTube video to learn how to turn on two-factor authentication and set up other security measures. 

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