How to Add More Than One Link On Instagram

If you want to drive traffic to your website, Instagram’s one link can seem like a challenge. For years, business owners have been frustrated about the limited links an Instagram profile. How can you share multiple products or services at once? How can you drive traffic to the rest of your website? How do you know if your link is actually effective? It can be a real headache!


But before you throw up your hands in Instagram link defeat, I recommend using a tool that’s been really helpful for the SBZ team – Linktree. This easy-to-implement tool helps you get the most of your Instagram bio link by allowing you to share multiple links at once. Here’s how you can use Linktree to drive more traffic to your website.



What is Linktree?


Linktree is a tool that allows you to create a mini landing page from the one link in your Instagram bio where you can add multiple links. Whatever products or services you provide, Linktree gives you one link to house all of the content you’re driving your followers to. It’s a workaround that makes it much easier for you to drive traffic to more of your recently published content, products, services, lead magnets, and more.

Once you create a Linktree account, you are provided with one link to put in your Instagram Bio. See below what it looks like in my account.



Even better, Linktree offers two different packages: Free and pro. The free package is perfect for beginners who just want to focus on the basics, such as being able to see the number of times a link is clicked and fewer Linktree themes.


If you’re interested in more analytics tools and having greater control over your Linktree’s look and feel, you can opt for the pro version. This account gives you all the features available in the basic package plus:


  • Option to remove Linktree’s branding
  • Team access so they can manage your Linktree links
  • Breakdown of your daily link traffic
  • Retargeting your Linktree visitors on Facebook and Instagram by adding your Facebook Pixel ID
  • Plus, several other high-level features


Three reasons why you should use Linktree on Instagram


Now that you have an idea of what Linktree is, let’s explore why Linktree is a good tool for your business. While there’s a lot to explore in Linktree, here are the top three reasons to use it.


#1 “Frees up” your bio link


Unless you have over 10,000 followers, you don’t have the swipe up feature for your account. Rather than worrying about switching your bio link in every post, Linktree lets you promote multiple products, services, or whatever else you want to share at once. You can simply direct your followers to click on the one link, which makes for a more user-friendly experience. You don’t have to worry about updating your link. Plus, your followers have multiple links to explore. It’s a win-win.


#2 Easily track link clicks


A lot of business owners are too bogged down in the numbers to understand their Instagram analytics. I get it – trying to keep track of your link traffic can seem daunting. But if you want to measure your growth on Instagram and improve for the future, you need to have a basic understanding of your link analytics. Linktree’s simple interface makes your link analytics easy to understand. It’s designed to work for every skill level, from beginners to analytics pros.


#3 Gives more life to older content


I’m not suggesting that you reshare a blog post from three years ago. But Linktree is a great way to extend the life of your content and ensure it gets the maximum eyeballs possible. The SBZ team recently used Linktree to share the link to our Hashtag Handbook, and we saw three times as many sales! We also saw these same positive results with a blog post we reshared. Rather than the traffic falling off after a few days, this post continued to perform well two weeks after being published. Bottom line, you spend a lot of time creating amazing content – make sure you’re getting as much life out of it as possible with Linktree.


Ninja Tip: Have a special promotion? Keep eyeballs on that content with one link


I know you have a ton of amazing content you want to share. But eventually you will have a specific product or service that you want to draw attention to. When this happens, I suggest switching back to your custom link. It’s less distracting and ensures that people will click on that exact link.


How to use Linktree on Instagram


By now you know what Linktree is and why you should be using it, so let’s breakdown how you can set it up for your account. First thing to know, Linktree doesn’t have a mobile app, so you’ll need to create and build out your Linktree account from a computer.


  • Once you’ve created your account, you will see the dashboard
  • Click on the “add new button” link

  • Enter the name of your link
    • Remember, keep it short and concise. People shouldn’t have to guess what they’re clicking on.
  • Enter the link URL

  • Continue doing this until you have added the links you want to include
  • When your Linktree page is ready, click on “my bio link” in the top right corner

  • Copy + paste that URL into your Instagram bio link
  • You’re done


Yes, it’s that easy! You can even see the preview version on the right-hand side so you know exactly how your published Linktree page will look like. Here are a couple of other helpful hints about setting up your Linktree page:


  • Publish/Hide Links: Click on the toggle beside your link to publish or hide it. This is a really useful feature when you’re planning ahead and creating links for a launch or special promotion.
  • Schedule Links: If you have a pro account you can schedule when you want your links to appear and disappear from your page. Just click on the clock icon.
  • Analytics Breakdown: Click on the graph icon to see your daily click rate. If you have a pro account, this is also where you can see your daily click breakdown.
  • Delete links: Click on the trash can icon to delete links.
  • Share Linktree Links: Once you’re in the Linktree landing page on your mobile device, press and hold your finger on the link you want to share. You will then see a pop of menu of options. Tap on “Share” at the bottom of the menu. (shown below)


Pro tip: Make sure your Linktree descriptions are in your authentic brand voice


Even if someone is clicking on your Linktree link, they should still feel like they’re engaging with your unique brand. The easiest way to create a seamless experience for your followers is by sharing your Linktree content in your branded voice. Whether it’s buzzwords that you use in your Instagram descriptions or the way you brand your links, your followers should instantly recognize you.


One account that does this really well is Amanda Hedgepeth. As a professional photographer who is living her best salty life in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Amanda uses her Linktree link to share information about her wedding and family portrait offerings, guest blog posts and her tips + tricks for living a simpler life.

She creates a seamless experience by using buzzwords like “salty air” and “creating inspiring content.” As they scroll through her Linktree page, Amanda’s followers still feel like they’re emotionally connected to her brand. Ultimately, this helps her to create greater brand loyalty and foster stronger relationships with her followers.


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One of the biggest reasons why I love Instagram is because it creates an experience that is focused first on amazing content, and then gives people a reason to want to click the link in your bio. Remember, your Linktree page is an extension of your brand, so make sure you’re using it to give value to your followers.

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