The Hive
Small business support groups

Brainstorming. Accountability.
Breakthroughs. Progress.

It all happens inside my Hive.

The Hive is a unique experience designed to foster conversation amongst female entrepreneurs who are establishing themselves as a expert authority in their industry. 

Think of the Hive as a
business support membership.

Here's what's involved...
Goal Setting Training 
Each session kicks off with an goal setting training call to give you the guidance and framework that will encourage months of success inside the HIVE. You will be provided with a welcome packet with details to help you maintain productivity and track your goals from week to week.
Monthly Expert Trainings 
Every month, I'll host a live action-packed hour long training on the latest in online business or social media marketing. And I know I'm not the go-to expert on everything, so some months I invite a guest to lead a presentation in the area of their expertise live. 
Live Bi-Monthly Small Group Mastermind Calls 
The core of the HIVES are the 1 hour group meetings held every other week for 6 months. Each call is hosted with Sue B. and includes only 6 hive members, allowing time for each member to discuss their individual challenges and gain feedback. These calls give each member the opportunity to share, connect, and hold each other accountable session to session.
Monthly Action Follow Up Calls 
​​​​​​​Mid-month we'll follow up together live in the Facebook group and answer questions that have come up on the lesson and explore how hivers are taking action on the month's lesson.
Private Facebook Group 
While your group discussion calls provide an intimate place to get feedback, you'll also get access to our Facebook group - a private community of everyone from other Hives.
Access to Library of Trainings
Hive members have access to the growing library of previous trainings offered to the group by both Sue B. and experts.  
Priority Access to In-Person Workshop Tickets
A few times a year we host exclusive workshops with limited seating, Hive members have priority access to these workshops and are offered tickets at a 50% discount. 

The next Hive Session Starts In Spring 2019.

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Wondering if you are right for the Hive? 
The Hive is perfect for female business owners who are clear on the business they want to pursue but lack confidence or knowledge in how to move forward with their idea.

As a Hiver, you will use the support and information to help establish and grow an online presence that generates real revenue for your family. 

Discussions are driven around what I have personally found to be successful including social media engagement, brand awareness, entrepreneurial lifestyle, creating video, productive work habits, and online community building, as well as topics requested by the community.
 VIP Group Membership
Best for those who need maximum support and accountability to continue implementing projects that will help reach their goals.
  • Goal Setting Training 
  • Monthly Expert Trainings
  • Live Bi-Monthly Small Group Mastermind Calls
  • Live Monthly Action Follow Up Calls 
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Training Library 
  • Priority Access to In-Person Workshops at a Discount
Hive Membership
Best for those who first need to understand more about online marketing through expert training and discussion before starting implementation.
  • Monthly Expert Trainings 
  • Live Monthly Action Follow Up Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
What Hive members are saying about their experience...
Paige Schulte

"My absolute largest win was learning how to promote my blog in way that brings potential customers to my website! My email list was about 50 people when I started and now I have over 250 actual leads (not junk). This year I not only hit my goals 4 months early, I will do twice as much business as I thought I would do. This is what happens when you provide value and show up consistently."

Bobbi  Baehne
"This was the largest investment in coaching/training that we've made so far in our business and I'd do it over and over again."
Michelle Bee Bellisari
"After going through the Hive I gained confidence to launch my real estate coaching program. I've been wanting to do this for 3 years!! Sue not only gave me the kick in the butt I needed but I now have all the tactics and a solid understanding of what I need to do." 
Stacee Lynn 
Being a part of a 'hive' has been incredible. It's been priceless to have a trusted group of friends that are rooting me on, and that I can bounce ideas off of and receive feedback from - so helpful.
Wendy Gentry
"After completing the Hive I have the clarity and confidence to launch a podcast and business to help entrepreneurial women scale-up their services through online education. As a university instructor, I have a passion for education, and now I have another way to serve that fuels my heart!"
Allyson Kacmarski
 "Before joining the Hive, I had no idea how important it was to provide value to my legal clients through blog posts on my website and posting on social media. After my experience in the Hive, I now show up consistently on social media answering my clients' legal questions and providing valuable legal lessons."
The next Hive Session starts in Spring 2019.
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​​​​​​​We'll Contact You When Enrollment Opens!