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Grow Your Instagram Account with More Shares Using Stories Tricks

There are so many ways to spread your message and get more exposure on Instagram. One of them is getting more shares on your Instagram Stories. 

Creating more engagement-friendly Instagram Stories especially ones that people want to share with their friends and followers is a key way to improve your chances with the Instagram algorithm

Here are four Instagram Stories tricks that will help you grow your Instagram account by getting more shares on your Stories. 

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#1 Instagram Stories Trick: Tag People Who Are Interested in Your Content

Shareable Instagram Stories are ones that inspire, motivate, and peak the interest of your followers. One of the easiest ways to make sure your followers see your Instagram Stories is by tagging them.

Of course, you don’t want to spam your followers. You want to make the most of every @ mention. 

Think about the followers who will be most interested in your Instagram Story content. Then, you can tag up to 10 followers to make sure they don’t miss your Story. 

You can choose to make the tags obvious so everyone can see them. 

Sue B Zimmerman center a neutral graphic in her Instagram Stories.

The other option is to change the text color so it blends into your background. You can also hide the @ mentioned accounts behind the post or an engagement sticker. 

Tagged accounts over a neutral Instagram Stories graphic.

#2 Instagram Stories Trick: Know Which Instagram Stories to Tag

Knowing which Stories to tag is an important part of a successful Instagram strategy. That doesn’t mean you should tag your followers every time you share an Instagram Story. 

This strategy could include tagging people when you share quote graphics or teasers for your next product or event launch. For example, the SBZ Team knows that quote graphics are usually the most shareable Instagram Stories. How do we know? Insights! 

Instagram insights take all the guesswork out of which content is inspiring your followers to like, comment on, and share. 

There are a few ways to view your Instagram insights. First, you can tap on “view insights” under individual posts. This is a quick, easy way to see if your post is performing well. 

Instagram post with the post insights tab open.

Another way to evaluate your content is by looking at an overview of your Instagram posts or Stories. Just tap on “see all” to see your most recent posts.

Sue B Zimmerman's content insights overview dashboard.

If you’re interested in specific insights, like which content is being shared the most, you can filter your results. 

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram grid with post insights.

#3 Instagram Stories Trick: Share Neutral Graphics

Struggling to get people to share your quote graphics or other original designs? Consider sharing more neutral graphics. 

I’ve never been someone to shy away from pops of color or vibrant designs. But after looking at our Instagram insights, my team and I realized that neutral graphics were actually more likely to be shared by our audience.

Sue B Zimmerman's black and white graphic that says f*cking simplify.

One reason might be that people want to share Instagram Stories or posts that compliments their Instagram aesthetic. When someone shares your Instagram post or Stories you instantly double your audience. That’s a lot of potential for new followers and engagement. 

#4 Instagram Stories Trick: Add Your Username to Any Graphic You Make

If you are putting in the time to make beautiful Instagram graphics, you want to make sure you get credit. That’s why it’s important to put your username on any graphic you share. 

Sue B Zimmerman's teal Instagram post graphic that says don't post and ghost.

But even a small tag ensures that people connect the graphic to your Instagram account. You never know many people will see your Instagram graphic, but hopefully it’s a lot! If someone sees your Instagram username they are more likely to tap over to your account. 

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