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How to Sell Jewelry Products on Instagram by Finding Your Customer on IG

Let’s talk about jewelry on Instagram™. It’s a great product to sell on Instagram™, but it can be challenging if you’re not speaking directly to your customers. Keep reading this blog to learn how to find your ideal customers on Instagram™.

This blog post isn’t just for jewelry designers! If you sell online and want to better connect more with your Instagram™ followers, this blog post is for you too.

In this blog post: 

What You Need to Know Before You Start Selling on Instagram™

Before you map out your first Instagram™ marketing campaign, you need to know exactly who you’re talking to. I’ve had so many conversations with business owners who are getting frustrated that they’re not getting a lot of engagement, but they don’t even know their ideal customers. 

If you’re struggling to get more engagement with your Instagram™ content, or just don’t know who your audience is, try this first. Jot down: 

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What do they enjoy doing?
  • What is the lifestyle they strive for? 

As you develop Instagram™ content, keep this ideal customer in mind. 

Jewelry Designers Doing It Right on Instagram

Now that you know how to identify your ideal customer, let’s talk about how you engage with them. This is the next step that so many business owners struggle with. But the last thing you want is for your Instagram profile or direct messages to seem like a one-way conversation. 

Here are two jewelry designers who do a fantastic job creating engaging content that sparks conversations with their customers.

Blooming Lotus Jewelry

First up, let’s talk about Blooming Lotus Jewelry. Jenn, a jewelry designer based in New Jersey, is always taking her followers along with her to various craft shows and other jewelry focused events.  But even when she’s creating jewelry in her studio, Jenn always makes her followers feel like they’re part of the process. 

Jenn, owner of Lotus Jewelry, sorts through pink crystals at a craft show.

One way that Jenn builds on the views she gets on her content is by consistently using engagement stickers in her Instagram™ Stories. Whether it’s a poll or sliding sticker, Jenn is always asking for customer feedback on new jewels and designs. 

Jenn shares an Instagram Story of her new ring collection over a bed of flowers with an Instagram™ sliding poll.

If you feel like you’re talking at your customers, and not getting much feedback, it’s time to change up your strategy. Once people know that you’re genuinely interested in their feedback and opinions, they’ll be happy to share. 

Tiny Tags

The next jewelry designer I want to highlight is Tiny Tags. Melissa, owner of Tiny Tags, is a great example of how you can effectively market your product in a way that speaks to your brand values. Melissa uses every opportunity to celebrate the love and joy of motherhood and family.

Melissa, owner of Tiny Tags, shares a photo of a mother and child wearing her jewelry collection with shoppable stickers overlaying the post.

One way that Melissa does this really well is by giving her followers a behind the scenes look at her business and the little touches that make her jewelry special. For example, she’ll use Instagram™ Stories to share where her jewelry designers are being shipped, the names on the tags, and the personalized notes included with each order. 

Tiny Tags created an Instagram Stories series featuring mothers and the products they purchased.

Even if your business doesn’t have these personal touches like Tiny Tags, you can still show the authentic side of your brand. Think about the individuals or community who help your brand to thrive, and consider how you could feature them in your Instagram™ Stories content. 

My Final Tips for Finding Your Ideal Customers on Instagram™

While everyone’s ideal customers are different, whether you’re selling jewelry or another product, you can find an engaged audience on Instagram™. Here are four more things to keep in mind when you’re strategizing content: 

  • Stay focused on sharing a strong call-to-action 
  • Have clear, concise images that are on-brand 
  • Speak to your niche 
  • Use props to style your product shots in a way that feels authentic to your brand

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