Expert Roundup- top tips for growing your email list with instagram

Expert Round Up – Top Tips For Growing Your Email List with Instagram

Growing your following on Instagram is great, but how are you using that following to expand your business?

I’ve rounded up 8 online marketing experts (and some of my favorite people) to share how you can use Instagram to grow your email list in their own words… Check out the full video and the highlights below.

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Garrett Holmes, Digital Marketer

“My biggest suggestion for building your list with Instagram is a two step process. Step 1, you go in and create an instagram story every day. Step 2, you use the posts in your feed to indicate there is a story to watch…”

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Amy Landino

“My number one tip for growing your email list on Instagram is…I’m very fortunate to have that Swipe Up feature on my account, I feel like that is the coolest and I just live it up and use it every day. I specifically use it in my daily life so it’s not just ads to swipe up and subscribe to my email list…”

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Tyler Anderson

“The number one way in which I grow my email newsletter with Instagram is with Instagram stories. I actually try to take bits and pieces of my newsletter and showcase some of those tips on my stories…”

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Amy Porterfield

“My number 1 tip for list building on Instagram is to offer new freebies once or twice a month. Now a freebie, could be as simple as a cheat sheet, a checklist, a mini training video…but the goal is to keep things fresh on Instagram”

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Andrea Vahl

“….The way I get leads with Instagram is with highly targeted Instagram advertising… Use the pixels to track your conversions, and target your Instagram ads to your best audience…”

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Chris Ducker

“My number 1 tip to using Instagram to build your email list is to get involved with Instagram stories. But here’s the thing, you have to make sure to upload 4-5 clips all at the same time to avoid any type of drop off…”

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Billy Gene

“I want to give you a quick tip on how to grow your email list from Instagram…I want you to draw out a giant T on the lefthand side I want you to write our problem and on the righthand I want you to write out the solution. And on the lefthand side I want you to write out the top 10 problems you ideal customer is facing…every single day you wake up, create a video 60-120 seconds long solving that problem, then you ask them if they like that video, to give you their name, email, and phone number and you go ahead and send it to them on a regular basis…”

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Take these experts advice and use your Instagram feed for more than pretty pictures, use it to build your email list and market your business. For more support building your foundation on Instagram download my free Instagram Strategy Guide. It’s the best tool to get started with Instagram marketing.