Essential Tools for Live Streaming on Instagram and Facebook

The Social Sip Episode 9

Gearing up to go live on Instagram or Facebook can be easier and faster when armed with the right equipment. But you definitely don’t need a closet full of bulky gear to pull off a professional live stream. Stick to some of the basics like something prop up your phone or computer and a little bit of lighting if you’re not using natural light. It’s also essential that your audio sounds clear to your audience so using a microphone of any variety is better than your typical headphones.


Watch this episode of The Social Sip to learn about the exact equipment I use to live stream on Instagram and Facebook from home and while traveling.


Here’s what you can look forward to in the episode…


06:30 – The 3 biggest reasons I think all business owners trying to use social media should consider live streaming.


07:50 – How I prepare differently to go live on Instagram vs Facebook.


11:45 – The 4 essential things I use to go live from home.


15:00 – What I absolutely need to bring with me to be prepared for streaming on-the-go.


16:50 – How to maintain your branding for your live streams while traveling.


18:15 – My tips for keeping your streaming process simple and less overwhelming.


23:45 – Our live stream schedule for Instagram and Facebook.


24:55 – What I think about streaming from your Facebook business page vs your Facebook personal page.


26:20 – How long I think the duration of your streams should be.


28:25 – My picks of the week for a podcast, a book, and something I got in the mail.


Tools, Resources, Events, and Cool Shit I Shared


The microphone I use on the show.

The invisible headphones I use on the show.


The lighting I use for the show.


The computer stand I use for the show.


Bando tripod for holding my phone on the go.

Small selfie light that clips to my phone or computer. Perfect for traveling.


Tabletop Arkon mount.


Power charger for my phone that gives me about 6 charges on the go.

3 Days to Better Business Habits free video training series.


Podcast of the week – Being Boss Podcast – Stop Adding More Value


Book of the week – Vlog LikeA Boss by Amy Landino


Thing I got in the mail – Computer blue light blocking glasses