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Engagement Tactics to Grow Your Instagram Business Account

Engaging on your Instagram™ business account is where I suggest everyone should spend time every day. As business owners, we only have a limited amount of time every day to accomplish everything on our to-do list, and that includes our Instagram strategy. But that’s why if you want to make the most of your small window of opportunity, you need to focus on engagement tactics. 

These engagement tactics will help you reach new people, foster stronger relationships with your followers, and improve your chances with the Instagram™ algorithm. Keep reading to discover seven engagement tactics, and how you can implement them in your Instagram™ strategy. 

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What is Instagram™ Engagement?

Simply put: Instagram™ engagement is how people interact with your content. It’s not enough to simply post it and forget it, engagement is about connecting with your followers. 

While the Instagram™ algorithm is always changing, engagement will always be an important part of the way your impressions are calculated. When it comes to improving your engagement, it’s about more than likes on a post. 

Engagement is also about taking the time to comment, share, and being part of the conversations with other Instagram™ accounts. 

#1 Engagement Tactic: Engage with New Followers

When it comes to engagement tactics, especially if you’re in the early stages of growing your account, it’s always best to start with the basics. A simple but effective way to engage is to welcome your new followers. 

Go ahead and tap in and say a quick “hello.” If you want to surprise and delight them you can even send a short video. This is your opportunity to make your new follower feel welcome and spark a conversation. 

But remember, these messages shouldn’t have an agenda. If you focus on cultivating a relationship first, then it’s more likely that this follower will become a loyal customer in the future. 

#2 Engagement Tactic: Reach Out to People Who’ve Commented

Now that you’re reaching out and cultivating relationships with new followers, let’s focus on an audience who’s already engaged. When someone takes the time to comment on your content, you want to make sure you return the gesture.

Keep the conversation going by asking a follow up question or tap over to their account to engage with their content. 

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram post comments.

If you want someone else to join the conversation, go ahead and tag them. When you assert yourself as the business boss on Instagram™, people will gravitate towards your confidence. 

#3 Engagement Tactic: Find New People to Follow

Instagram™ now has over 26 million active users! Trust me, your ideal followers are out there. But if you feel like they’re not finding your account, don’t just sit there. Go find them!

Search by topic, geographic area, or even a hashtag to find new accounts to follow. These accounts can inspire you, spark your creativity, and might even lead to a follow back. 

Ultimately, this will help you to grow your account and make connections with potential customers and other like-minded businesses. 

#4 Engagement Tactic: Check Your Instagram™ Direct Messages

Be honest, are checking your Instagram™ Direct Messages at the bottom of your to-do list? It happens to the best of us, especially as busy business owners, but there are a lot of warm leads just waiting in your inbox. 

Keep an eye on the airplane icon in the top right corner. Whenever you see a number over that icon, tap in to see your new messages. 

The top of Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram home page with a direct message icon in the top right corner showing that she has 10 unread messages.

If you’re short on time, send a quick video instead of typing out a response. You can adjust your settings so your Direct Message can be replayed, viewable once, or will stay in the chat. 

#5 Engagement Tactic: Pay Attention To Who Is Watching Your Stories

Being able to quickly respond to people in your Direct Messages and in the comments is great, but that’s not the only place where you can spark a conversation. If you’re consistently sharing Instagram™ Stories stickers, which you should to encourage more engagement, you can use these responses and views to discover warm leads. 

Another place where you can find warm leads? Take a look at the followers who’ve watched your Instagram™ Stories all the way through. These people are clearly interested in your content, so it should be easy to strike up a conversation.  

Sue B Zimmerman's Instagram Story views showing how many people have responded to her sliding scale question sticker.

#6 Engagement Tactic: Show Your Appreciation

Showing your appreciation to your loyal customers or followers isn’t just limited to a brick and mortar store. It’s just as easy on Instagram™ to show how much it means to you when people engage with your content. 

Whether it’s sending them a quick Direct Message when you see something that made you think of them or “liking” their content, these gestures remind people that there’s a real person behind your avatar. 

#7 Engagement Tactic: Exude Your Signature Style

If you’re looking to stand out in your niche, you need to focus on sharing your signature style. Like using the same font in your Instagram™ Stories or ensuring that your feed is filled with your brand colors. 

One way that I stand out in Instagram™ Stories is by waving in my videos. Not only do my followers come to expect it when they tap into my Stories, but it reflects the positive, high energy that I try to radiate throughout my brand.

Sue B Zimmerman wears a purple baseball cap and pink tank top as she smiles and waves in her selfie.

Find your signature style and own it!

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