How to Rapidly Grow Your Email List with Instagram

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Your Instagram followers can be your best paying customers. 

The simplest way to convert your Instagram followers into buyers is to focus on building your most valuable asset: your email list.

This 60 minute class is pitch free and packed with action-steps through the very end.

By the end of the class you'll know how to rapidly and continuously adding people to your email list every single day with Instagram.

In this 1 hour class you will learn...
The biggest difference between people who rapidly grow their email lists and those who don’t.
The biggest thing you need to do first if you’ve never considered growing your email list before

The 5 steps you need to follow to use Instagram to rapidly grow your email list

My weekly strategy for adding hundreds of people to my email list every single week

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students will receive...
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Class Recording 
With so much to cover in this 60 minutes you'll likely want to re-watch portions of the class.

Your class registration gives you access to the full recording allowing you to download, watch, and review the class at any time.
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Recording For Class Available Now!
You'll benefit from this class if you've already established your brand presence on Instagram and are ready to implement a system that grows your email list every single day with a splash of creativity.

Hear from some students of Sue B.'s live classes... 
Carrie Swing
"Why do I love Sue? Her total transparency! Other people say "share engaging content" but on her Instagram Stories class, Sue gives not 1 by 11 actual suggestions of what that means...It's like she really cares that we learn and improve! Thank you Sue for the genuinely helpful tips."
Rachel Curtis
"Sue's last class was incredibly helpful and gave me the confidence to put myself out there with stories. A great investment! I will be following Sue and taking more of her course in the future."
Kim Morrison
"Thanks for the fab training session on Instagram Stories. It was great that you covered both the strategic and the techy aspects with brilliant advice for timing Stories. The checklist download is great to plan and get organized."
Recording For Class Available Now
Sue B. Zimmerman
Sue B. is the #instagramexpert, creator of the online Instagram course "Ready Set Gram". She's a popular CreativeLive instructor, powerful speaker on prominent stages like Social Media Marketing World and highly sought after business coach. She's passionate about teaching business owners and marketing professionals how to easily leverage the power of Instagram to get tangible business results. As a serial entrepreneur, Sue B. has 30 years of business experience, including SueB.Do, Boxer Rebellion and Sue B. Zimmerman Enterprise. With her extensive knowledge of social media it's Sue B.'s mission to teach, mentor and empower others to be highly successful entrepreneurs.