How To Create An Instagram Business Profile

With over 500 million active users, Instagram is the in-demand platform social media savvy entrepreneurs’ need to elevate their business. With its recent launch of business profiles, Instagram is once again providing you with tools that will help you find business inspiration and better engage with your customers.


With this new release, your business can finally get the insights and data it needs to streamline your Instagram marketing strategies. If you’re ready to get serious about Instagram for your business, here are three things you need to know before you make the switch.


How to switch to a business account

One of the best parts about switching to an Instagram business account is that you can keep all of your existing content. Simply click on the gear in the top left corner. Once you select the account option, all you need to do is select “switch to a business profile.”



The one contingency is that you need to have an active Facebook account in order to sync your content, so when you click to switch it will ask you to connect to your Facebook account. You also have the ability to connect your Instagram account to one Facebook page. When connected, posts your share on the account will be shared to that page. Once you have selected your Facebook page, tap next. You will notice that connecting the account to your current Facebook business page quickly pulled information from Facebook onto this profile, double check to make sure all the contact information (including email, phone number, and location) is accurate. Once you click ‘done’ you are all set!


Get an insights snapshots

Previously, business owners relied on “likes” and comments to gauge the value of their Instagram content. With this update, you can now get the full data picture about specific post engagement and your audience. Go down into the data weeds and see how your weekly average engagement and the number of clicks you got for your website. This information is especially relevant when you’re running a special promotion or giveaway on your Instagram account for your business.


In addition to content data, Instagram business profiles also allow you to get a snapshot of your individual followers. Easy-to-read graphs show your followers average gender, age, and location. Plus, pinpointing this information will allow you to better leverage your marketing pushes, and decide how you can better engage your followers.


img_1238       img_1239

Promote your content

Much like Facebook, Instagram business profiles allow you to easily create targeted ads. Currently, you can select a post and boost it with an ad spend, much like you can do from your Facebook profile. When you pick your post, click Promote.

img_1227-png         img_1228-png

From here, Instagram will walk you through the process of finalizing your campaign strategy (i.e. the next step for potential customers) and setting your specific marketing budget. Even better, you can tailor your audience so you can be sure your ads primarily reach your intended audience. A little money can go a long way on Instagram, and having paid advertising available right inside the app makes it just that much easier.




Take the next step in your Instagram strategy



Instagram is taking steps to ensure the most seamless experience for their users. Are you still stuck deciding if an Instagram business account is worth it? Check out my free Instagram Strategy Guide to discover the insights and tools you need to effectively leverage Instagram for your business.