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Breaking Down the Biggest Social Media Myths of 2018: The Social Sip S2 E4

The one thing we know for sure about social media is that it is constantly changing. Changes are not only happening within features of all the platforms but our behaviors as consumers are adapting too. With changes in consumer behavior, we have to pay attention to what that means for us as business owners and marketers.

On this episode of The Social Sip I discuss some of the biggest social media myths that we’re hanging onto. Many of these myths revolve around how things used to be but no longer apply.

Watch episode 4 for an entertaining discussion.

The Social Sip Episode 4



Here’s what you can look forward to in the episode…


6:00 – My opinion on being active on multiple social media platforms


6:50 – How to balance selling with other content on social media


8:30 – How often should you be selling on social media


9:30 – Our approach to posting content on Facebook


9:50 – A hack for getting content ideas to share on Facebook and Twitter right in your inbox every day


10:00 – The #1 tool I rely on for scheduling my Instagram posts


10:30 – How I’m able to maintain activity in my Facebook groups even when I’m busy


11:30 – My opinion on which kinds of businesses do best on Instagram


12:20 – How you can still use Instagram even if you don’t have a visually beautiful business like a plumber


15:20 – My opinion on how much of your personal life you need to be sharing on social media


18:00 – My Live Instagram Strategy Party


21:40 – My advice for people who are paralyzed by trying to “do” video on social media


27:00 – My picks of the week for the current podcast, book, and thing I got in the mail


Tools, Resources, Events, and Other Cool Shit I Shared

My YouTube video about photoshoots – 15 Background Ideas For Your Next Instagram Photoshoot

Podcast – Social Media Deconstructed

Sue B Zimmerman holds the book "Man Up" by Bedros Keuilian.

Book – Man Up by Bedros Keuilian

A stack of three blueberry pancakes sits on a teal plate with a box of Kodiak power cakes mix and a vase of flowers on the table.

The thing I got in the mail – Kodiak cakes protein pancake mix (how I get protein early in the day)

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