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When Is The Best Time To Post On Instagram?

Timing is everything, and Instagram isn’t an exception. Knowing the best day and time to share a post can dramatically affect the engagement you receive. That’s why I wanted to share my two of my favorite web-based platforms, Iconosquare and SquareLovin. They are some of the best tools in helping you figure out the best time to post and how to grow an authentic Instagram audience.


Iconosquare is a great, budget-friendly social media analytics tool. If you’re a new user you can utilize Iconosquare during a free seven-day trial. Once you log into the platform, I suggest looking at the  “optimization” section, which you can find on the left hand side. The colorful grid provides you with insight on the best day and time to post. Posting at the optimized time and day of the week will ensure maximum exposure to your current followers, which leads to more engagement on your posts.

Another metric to review is the post lifespan,  which can be found at the bottom of the webpage. The post lifespan is the average amount of time one of your posts gets activity. The average post has a lifespan of about 12 hours, but this is largely dependent on your audience. For example, I know that the peak time for my content lasts about six hours. Scroll down and watch my video about the tool for a step by step explanation.  Take the time to analyze your data, and make sure your current posting schedule is maximizing your reach.

Iconosquare Best Time


If you’re like me, and process information best when bright colors are involved, check out the tools available on Squarelovin. Similar to Iconosquare, Squarelovin provides detailed analytics on your number of likes, comments and engagement. When you are logged into Squarelovin, visit the “optimization” section in the menu. In this section, you get metrics on the best day and time to post.

I suggest scrolling down to the “interaction” grid for even more detailed information about your account’s peak posting time. You can see view these graphs in the video below. Knowing when your audience is active online is one of the best ways to make sure your content is there to catch their attention.

Square Lovin' Community Interaction

Instagram Marketing 101

Followers are drawn to authentic content. No matter what tools you use, don’t forget that taking the time to personally engage with your audience is critical to finding business success on Instagram. Be sure that you are taking the time to respond to your follower’s comments, and you’ll see them share the love in return.