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Top 5 YouTube Videos For Instagram Marketing Beginners

Getting started on any social media platform with the goal of marketing your business is almost never simple. For any Instagram marketing beginner to start off on the right foot you’ll want to learn as much as possible first so that you avoid common mistakes and fast-track your results.


Here are my top 5 YouTube videos you need to watch if you’re new to Instagram. (Keep in mind that these videos have been recorded over the last year. Therefore there may be a couple changes to the app since the time the video was filmed. Leave a comment below with any specific questions).


#1 Top Instagram Hashtag Mistakes & What to Do Instead. 



Get some insights and tips into using hashtags that work to attract your target audience instead of spammers and robot accounts. Plus there you’ll find a link to my top hashtag resource The Hashtag Handbook.


Corresponding blog post: https://suebzimmerman.com/blog/top-hashtag-mistakes/


#2 How to get your first 500 followers on Instagram.



Overcome the struggles of starting out following the process listed here for gaining those first 500 Instagram followers.


Corresponding blog post: https://suebzimmerman.com/blog/get-first-500-followers-instagram/


#3 3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Instagram Bio.



Learn how to quickly and professionally communicate what your brand is about with the limited space you have within your Instagram profile.


Corresponding blog post: https://suebzimmerman.com/blog/3-simple-ways-improve-instagram-bio/


#4 How to Launch a New Instagram Account For Your Business 



Start here if your goal is to launch and grow a brand new account for your brand. This is a great post for those who have been using Instagram personally but not intentionally for business yet.


Corresponding blog post: https://suebzimmerman.com/blog/launch-new-instagram-account-business/


#5 How to Create An Instagram Business Profile 


Learn how to turn your Instagram account into an Instagram Business profile complete with stats and reporting so that you can track your engagement, growth, and performance.


Corresponding blog post: https://suebzimmerman.com/blog/create-instagram-business-profile/



#6 Instagram Stories Tutorial For Business


One of Instagram’s latest features is called Instagram Stories. It’s a feature that allows you to post additional content that disappears 24 hours after it is shared. This is a great feature I believe every brand should be using to connect more deeply with their audience. In the video below I show you how to get started with Instagram Stories.


Corresponding blog post: https://suebzimmerman.com/blog/instagram-stories-tutorial-business/

If you are a true Instagram beginner then you’ll also love my free resource, The 2017 Instagram Strategy Guide. It’s the best place to start if you’re looking for a real strategy to kick off your account with intention and purpose.