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Stop Cluttering Your Instagram Feed With Text

Have you caught yourself going a little crazy with text overlay on your Instagram feed? I get it. Inspirational quotes and encouraging messages are a great way of moving past the up-front sale and helping your followers to better understand what motivates your business. But too much text overlay can often backfire, making it more difficult for you to attract your ideal tribe.

Good, consistent branding is what helps your Instagram feed to stand out from your competition. If these quotes or text overlays don’t align with your brand or business, then you are sabotaging all of your other Instagram strategies. But how you can effectively use quotes and text overlays in your Instagram business account? Check out these six #InstaPro accounts.




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As I’ve discussed in a previous blog post, I love Tarte Yogurt’s Instagram feed! This Southern California yogurt brand does an amazing job of curating an account that highlights their product while also demonstrating the laid back, So-Cal vibes of the company. In addition to sharing interesting product and lifestyle shots, Tarte Yogurt also incorporates brand-specific quotes that enrich their brand messaging. Although the colors vary, Tarte Yogurt ensures consistency by using the same fonts and watercolor textured background. This small detail can have a big impact for customers who, over time, will come to recognize the images as being specific to the Tarte Yogurt brand.




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Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur and inspirational speaker who is never afraid to push the boundaries of creativity. People both in and out of the digital marketing space know that Gary is a straightforward, forward-thinking businessman, and this is reflected in his consistent use of quotes. In many ways, quotes are the focus of Gary’s Instagram feed – it’s his style. While the styling of the quote might change, he always uses the same font with his unique signature at the bottom of the image. This not only drives home the point about Gary’s business-focused account but also reestablishes his authority as a leader in the digital world. People want to know what Gary has to say, and that’s exactly what his account provides.




Quotes are more than an “extra” for The Love Bomb Company – it’s who they are. As a company that is focused on spreading “rad love,” their Instagram account isn’t hyper-focused on making the sale. Instead, The Love Bomb Company encourages people to be part of their bigger brand mission, to help others spread their love. By varying the ask in between product shots and white block quotes, this account invites their followers to be part of a larger community. While their font choice is not consistent, The Love Bomb Company instead focuses on following a strict black and white color palate. Even better, their quotes are absolutely hilarious!




Now, if you’re ready to step up your creativity game, I highly recommend that you check out Connie Chan’s Instagram account. She is a flat lay expert and genius at incorporating quotes in interesting, unexpected ways. By putting the quotes on notebooks or her other beautiful creations, the quote enriches the high-quality look and feel of the brand. Oftentimes, Connie doesn’t even rely on consistent fonts to ensure her brand consistency, and instead uses the notebook as the focal point of her shots.




For individuals who work in creative or arts-focused industries, inspirational quotes can be a win-win. For Desiree, a hand letter designer, incorporating inspirational quotes into her feed allows her to express her brand mission while also showcasing her amazing artistic abilities. She also makes her content more dynamic by varying her styles of content between images and videos. This dynamo strategy works to Desiree’s advantage because it allows her followers to be part of the creative process, and is a great reminder of the time and skill it takes for all of her handmade products.




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Much like it’s Instagram bio describes, May Designs is a “pretty, simple” brand that uses expertly styled photo shoots to highlight their beautiful stationary, art, and other handcrafted creations. Much like The Love Bomb Company account, this team uses their products as the centerpiece of their inspiring messages. Whether it’s a watercolor calendar or notebook, May Designs shines as a brand that seeks to inspire their customers first, without overselling their products. They know that the more trust you build with your Instagram community, the more long-term relationships you can build.

Always be intentional

The entire SBZ team is motivated each and every day by the belief that the more you help others find success, the more likely you are to find it too. I share inspirational quotes in a very intentional way, spacing them out every 12th post. Why? Because it allows me to refresh my Instagram feed while also connecting with other brands that share my mission of helping others. I want to make sure that I’m only sharing content, often the quotes are user-generated, that aligns perfectly with my brand. While this strategy requires a fair amount of strategy, it also helps me to make sure that every quote I share is exactly who I am and what I want my brand to represent.