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Reasons For Low Instagram Engagement

I hear the question all the time, “How can you be the ‘Instagram expert’ when you don’t have a lot of likes on your photos?” I get it – as business owners, we often measure our Instagram success largely on the number of likes and followers.


While these engagement metrics are an important part of your Instagram strategy, it’s not entirely reflective of your business’ success on Instagram. Here are three reasons why I don’t always have a lot of like on my posts, and why you’re probably running into the same issue.


#1 Older followers


I have been teaching Instagram for business for over five years. In that time, I’ve gained a ton of followers who are interested in my content and saw value in using these strategies for their business. Today, my Instagram content is often focused on my newer followers and sharing Instagram strategies to help them grow their business. While my followers continue to grow, about 1,000 a month, these older followers are not necessarily going to like and comment in with the same frequency.


Remember, you should always be focused on providing value to your followers! Sometimes your sales, products, or campaigns might be open to all of your followers. And sometimes it isn’t. That’s ok! It’s better to have engagement from your ideal audience than a lukewarm response from a few people.


#2 Marketing “lurkers”


You know who I’m talking about. No matter what business you’re in, you’ve probably noticed similar brands and businesses following your account. They might want to learn more about your hashtags, captions, or other strategies.


Regardless, these brands often like to “lurk” and observe rather than actively engage with likes and comments. While these brands might be annoying and throw off your engagement ratio, they are not your key audience. Engage with the individuals who are actively commenting, sharing, and liking your content. Those individuals should be your measure of success.

#3 New leads


One of the best ways that my team and I measure our Instagram success is by tracking the Bitly link in our Instagram profile. Using Google analytics, we know that we’re generating new leads every week from our Instagram accounts. These metrics are what give us the big-picture understanding of our Instagram strategies, and what allowed us to learn that Instagram is the number one generator of new leads across all of our social media platforms.


Ultimately, new leads like these will help you to build strong relationships with your potential clients. When you have something new to share, you already know that you have a highly engaged audience that is more likely to opt-in and become a paying customer.


Redefine your definition of success


True success is not about being popular or famous. Rather, it’s about focusing on your ideal audience and discovering the content and strategies that will help you foster long-term relationships. Still not sure how to kick start Instagram for your business? Download my free strategy guide to discover all of the tips and tricks you need to find your definition of Instagram success.