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How to Sell Services on Instagram

May 12, 2019 |

When you are selling services on Instagram you have to use different tactics than you would if you were selling a product. I understand you might feel frustrated on what to post. That’s why I’m going to help you break through that frustration, so you can feel confident gaining customers and clients for your services on Instagram.   And the…

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Prepping for Your First Instagram Professional Photoshoot

April 8, 2019 |

Drooling over Instagram photos and not sure how to capture your own? It’s probably time for you to invest in a proper photoshoot for your Instagram business account. In order to get the most out of your session, it’s important to plan and come prepared. Whether you’re taking photos to highlight your personality or showcase your products and services, it’s…

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How to Share Testimonials on Instagram

April 1, 2019 |

Are you getting praise for your business but not sure how to share it on Instagram? Sharing testimonials and praise is an important part of using social media for business. You will attract more clients and have more content to post when you strategically share testimonials. Keep reading to learn how you can share strategic, engaging, effective testimonials in your…

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When to Create Your Own Hashtag on Instagram

March 25, 2019 |

Are you looking to use your own hashtag for something you sell or promote on Instagram? Or do you randomly create hashtags when you post? I’m going to fill you in on what you need to know about unique Instagram hashtags.   Why Do Instagram Hashtags Matter? I get this question all the time. There are a ton of people…

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Instagram Bio For Your Business Account

March 18, 2019 |

Think of your Instagram bio as the homepage of your website. What do you want people to know right away? How can it help you sell more? I’m going to break down how to build the BEST Instagram bio for your business. Putting together the perfect Instagram bio might seem easy, but it can take a lot of work to…

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