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Instagram Stories Updates You Need To Know About

You have probably noticed that there have been a #ShitTon of updates recently to Instagram Stories. But what does this mean for your business on Instagram? A lot … If you fully know how these updates can improve your current Instagram strategy. Here are five updates that will help you rock your business success on Instagram.


If you’re unfamiliar with Instagram Stories, I suggest reading this blog post before diving into the Instagram Story updates.


#1 @ Mentions

Share the individuals, influencers, and businesses that drive your success by mentioning them in your story. Once you decide which individuals or businesses to tag, simply add “@” with the username. Others who view your story can now easily click on the handle to go that individual’s account. Much like the options available when you tag another account in your images and/or captions, this is a great strategy to ensure you get maximum eyeballs on your content.


Even better, using the @ mention feature allows you to bring more people into your Insta community, which further demonstrates your willingness to engage and create a productive space on Instagram.


#2 Instagram Live

All of the buzz on social media lately has been about live streaming videos, and Instagram is no exception. Instagram Live is a fun way to bring your audience into your demonstration, event, or whatever other occasion you choose to share. But unlike other social platforms, like Facebook, Instagram Live videos are not available for replay, once you get off live, it’s done.


Since this truly a one-shot deal, make sure you have a game plan before you pressing “live.” Consider what your audience is interested in, the comments/feedback they’ve left in the past, and what content they’ll tune in to see from beginning to end.


#3 Geotags

Whether your business is online or a storefront brick and mortar, adding a location to your Instagram Stories ensures that your account is both in front of your local audience and included in the location-specific hashtag hub. With the recent updates, you can now extend your geo-specific reach in Instagram Stories too.


Once you take your photo, click on the sticker icon in the top right corner. From there you can then select from a curated list of surrounding areas. As you’ll see in my Instagram Stories (@theinstagramexpert), you can often find me in the Boston geotag. Sharing a geotag isn’t just a great way to show your town pride, but to also make sure that people in your area know your business is open and eager to welcome new faces.


#4 Hands-free video

If you’re someone who does a lot of demonstrations (or loves to multi-task like me) then this update is for you! Using this feature, you can easily record videos to share that are engaging and focused on your content, without the worry of holding down the record button.


To activate, simply tap into the Instagram Story feature and swipe all the way to the right. Select hands-free video and get ready to let your creativity shine!


#5 Live links

One of the most common concerns I hear from my coaching clients is about the lack of clickable links in Instagram. While it’s still in the testing stages, and only available for select accounts, recent updates do include the opportunity to include live links in Instagram Stories.


Right now, you are most likely only seeing this feature in verified accounts, but get ready. I anticipate that this seamless method of engagement will soon roll out to all Instagram users. Get a jump start on your market research now and check out how other influencers are effectively using their Instagram Story links.


Be the driver of your Instagram success

Wow, that’s a lot of updates! As always, make sure to take time to fully understand all of the options and updates popping up in Instagram. Don’t just hop on a trend because you notice other accounts using it.


Instead, make a plan that will allow you to fully utilize Instagram features, like Instagram Stories, in ways that will enrich your business. If you’re still unsure how to kick off Instagram Stories, check out my pre-recorded session that will give you the nuts and bolts you need to build your business for success.