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Blog header with a purple background and text that says How to Create a GIF for Instagram Using Canva.

How to Create a GIF for Instagram Using Canva

November 21, 2017

A quick scroll through Instagram and it’s obvious that videos are dominating. In fact, since Instagram rolled out video its engagement has grown by 53% – that’s outpacing photos! But there’s one type of video…

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Blog header with a purple background and text that says Instagram time saving hacks.

Instagram Time Saving Hacks

August 16, 2017

We all could use a few extra hours in our day, especially when it comes to managing our business. Over the years my team and I have developed some of the best tips and tricks…

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How To Get Started On Instagram Even If You’re 7 Years Late

May 2, 2017

We’ve all heard the term “fashionably late,” but when it comes to implementing Instagram for your business you might feel like as though you’ll never make it to the party. Since its launch in 2010,…

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Blog header with a yellow background and text that says top 5 YouTube videos for Instagram marketing beginners.

Top 5 YouTube Videos For Instagram Marketing Beginners

April 12, 2017

Getting started on any social media platform with the goal of marketing your business is almost never simple. For any Instagram marketing beginner to start off on the right foot you’ll want to learn as much…

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Blog header with purple background that says 15 background ideas for your next instagram photoshoot.

15 Background Ideas For Your Next Instagram Photoshoot

March 28, 2017

When you think about your Instagram photos, you probably pay a lot of attention to the subject of your Instagram photoshoot (product, person, or whatever it might be). But what about the backdrop of your…

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How To Use Planoly To Schedule Your Instagram Content

March 3, 2017

When you’re a business owner time is money, and time is limited (at best). That’s why you always want to make sure you’re using apps and tools that will help you improve efficiency in all…

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Stop Cluttering Your Instagram Feed With Text

February 15, 2017

Have you caught yourself going a little crazy with text overlay on your Instagram feed? I get it. Inspirational quotes and encouraging messages are a great way of moving past the up-front sale and helping…

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How to Promote Your Next Event With Instagram

December 29, 2016

Instagram is a fantastic tool for not only showcasing your business, but also increasing buzz about your one-of-a-kind events. Just take a look at the visually-focused content of Instagram and it’s easy to see why…

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Planning Your Next Instagram Photoshoot: 3 Key Images You Need

December 7, 2016

We’ve all been there. You’re Instagram feed is on fire with high engagement and tons of likes. Then, bam! All of a sudden you are stuck with no idea about which new content to share.…

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