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How to Get What You Want with Nathan Latka

If there’s anyone who knows how to build a successful digital marketing strategy, it’s Nathan Latka. He’s a 25 year-old entrepreneurial superstar who has founded multiple successful businesses, including the popular Facebook tool, Heyo. Nathan knows that it is not enough to simply market your business; you have to take direct action to get what you want. Here are Nathan’s top three ways that you can encourage people to take action right now, plus an extra special bonus tip from yours truly.


#1 Make Your Email Subject Line Curious

Subject lines are more than conveying your email’s contents; it is your audience’s first reason as to why they should click to learn more. When deciding on a subject line it is better to keep it short and provoking, instead of long and jam-packed with information. Imagine your subject line as the beginning of a knock, knock joke; a good subject line will incite your audience to answer your inquiry with a click.


#2 Ask for the Sale

Many businesses make the mistake of being timid or unclear when pushing for the sale. Be clear in what you’re asking people to do. Remember; tell people exactly what you’re selling, why it’s valuable, and where they can click to buy. If you don’t ask for the sale, people will never know how to take the next step.


#3 Get Exactly What You are Looking For

Every marketing plan, no matter how big or small, is only going to be successful if you ask for exactly what you want. Nathan and his team recently put together one of the largest live streaming Blabs (over 2,100 people tuned in). How did they reach such a large audience? Nathan asked each speaker to reach out to his or her listserv to promote the event. In this way, he was able to simply remain the moderator of the event, instead of stressing about organizing.


Sue B.’s Bonus Tip

 Throughout my travels I am constantly meeting people who I’ve connected with through Instagram, Blab, and other social tools. I love hearing people’s feedback and how my strategies have changed their business. But I take this interaction one step further. By live streaming or recording a customer’s testimonial, they are able to share their positive experiences with others. It is also a great marketing tool, so that other people can learn more about how your business can impact their lives in a positive way.


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