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How to Promote Your Next Event With Instagram

Instagram is a fantastic tool for not only showcasing your business, but also increasing buzz about your one-of-a-kind events. Just take a look at the visually-focused content of Instagram and it’s easy to see why it is the perfect platform for both promoting your event and selling tickets.

Here are two reasons why you need to use Instagram to promote your next event and seven steps you can take to maximize your event marketing strategy.

Many of you may wonder, “Why is Instagram the perfect platform to promote my event.” There are two primary reasons:

#1 Visual, visual, visual

Since your entire feed can act as a showcase for your event, you have multiple opportunities to highlight all of the unique offers that your event offers to potential attendees. Whether it’s guest speakers, networking opportunities, or the location, Instagram provides your potential registrants with a whole picture understanding about all of the value your event offers. 

#2 People want to spend money on experiences

You know as a business owner that potential attendees can be wary about how and where they invest their money. Showcasing all of the aspects of your event will entice potential attendees to see beyond the ticket price and look at the long-term benefits of your event. Attendees aren’t just coming to take notes, they’re coming for (and expecting) a full experience. Now that you know the two reasons why you need to use Instagram for your next event, here are seven ways you can fully leverage Instagram for your event marketing.

Seven ways you can fully leverage Instagram for your event marketing


#1 Clean up your existing account or start a new one

A cluttered Instagram feed can and/or will distract potential attendees from your event details. Or worse, confuse them so much they aren’t sure where and how to register. Kicking off an event on Instagram requires a complete content strategy. Make sure that your account is hyper-focused on the details that matter to your event, such as speakers, prices, and sponsors. People need to immediately know what to expect from your event, and why it’s a can’t miss event.

#2 Gather photos from previous events

This strategy is especially important if you have held similar events in the past. Consider which photos best speak to your current event’s offerings, and how you can leverage past interest to drive current registration. Gathering past photos is also a good opportunity to consider if you need to hire a professional photographer. While the initial investment might seem large, having high-quality photos will provide long-term value when you’re able to reuse the photos in future event promotions.

You can also organize all of your past photos in Dropbox or cloud storage to make them even more organized and accessible.

#3 Create a content plan

The last thing you want is to run out of strategies mid-way through your event promotion. Before you even share your first post, create a list of nine different kinds of content related to your event. Whether it’s speakers or break out sessions, listing out these strategies is also a good way to brainstorm good, informative descriptions so your attendees fully understand all of your event’s details.

#4 Define the length of your campaign

While other events, such as @createcultivate, begin marketing their events six months in advance, it’s up to you to determine your best event marketing timeline. Consider how long it’s taken you in the past to sell out your event, and how much time you need to reach your entire intended audience. Once you have a more concrete timeline you should be able to plan out your marketing strategy from beginning to end.

#5 Start posting

What’s most important about marketing your event on Instagram is showing off the event “experience.” People most likely have plenty of opportunities to attend events throughout the year, they need to know what makes your event can’t miss.

You can’t post once and expect to see results. You have to build up the hype of the event by showing different aspects of the event over time way before you ask for someone to buy a ticket.

#6 Use a custom hashtag

If you’ve read any of my other blog posts, you know that hashtags are an #InstaAwesome way to drum up interest in your business. But hashtags are especially important for events where you need to create a hashtag hub before and after an event. A unique hashtag helps to build a sense of community among your attendees.

Hosting events in multiple cities? Consider using similar hashtags that are geospecific to your event. For example, if you’re hosting an event in New York City you want to make sure those attendees are networking and connecting with those attendees from that specific session.

#7 Drive traffic to the registration page

Inevitably, there are some potential attendees that will need a little extra nudge even after they like your Instagram post. Creating content that encourages people to clickthrough to your website allows you another opportunity to retarget those individuals with Facebook ads and other follow-up engagement strategies.

There you have it! These are all of the ways that you can sell out your next event with Instagram marketing. If you’re still looking for inspiration, be sure to check out these three amazing Instagram accounts that are doing a fantastic job marketing their events:



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