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4 Tools For Easily Creating Videos On Instagram

As the new year gets underway, now is a great time to reevaluate and reenergize your Instagram strategy. One of the best ways to break up your typical Instagram content is with interesting, eye-catching videos and gifs. While many people assume that videos require a lot of experience, there are plenty of apps that are easy to use – no expertise required. Here are four of my favorite video apps. Don’t forget to watch the video below for tutorials about how to get started with the apps.


 #1 Flipagram


One of the most widely recognized video apps, Flipagram believes that everyone has a story worth telling. This easy-to-use, free app allows you to piece together photos to create short videos. Whether you want to add text, music, or other visual effects, Flipagram uses the perfect balance of intuitive design and customization to provide you with the optimal video making experience. If you’re new to videos, I highly recommend giving Flipagram a try and watch my video above for a tutorial of how to use the app.



#2 PicPlayPost

A preferred video tool for individuals who create a lot of presentations on social media, such as chefs or personal trainers, PicPlayPost provides you with tools to create and share captivating stories using photos, videos, and GIFs. Similar to Flipagram, PicPlayPost has several customization tools that encourage you to explore and share your brand voice. You can even adjust the music volume to create soft background music! In the video above, I show you how.



#3 Spark Post


Adobe’s apps are some of my favorites for videos on Instagram. In the video above, I talked about two, Spark Post and Spark Video. Using their professionally developed templates, Spark Post will provide your Instagram images with the high-quality edge they need to help you stand out from your competition. By simply adding your own “magic text” and other effects, you can create memorable graphics that are entirely unique to your brand and its mission. Even better, your projects are automatically synced across the web or your mobile device so you can work anywhere!


#4 Spark Video


Much like the photo editing tool, Spark Video has professional-grade tools that will help you create compelling social media videos. Easily combine your video clips, photos, or even brand logo to create videos to highlight your latest sale, special event, or brand awareness campaign. While this app’s interface allows you to create amazing videos, it can seem complicated at first. I encourage you to watch the tutorial above first so you can feel fully comfortable before you jump into the app. Much like the Spark Post app, this tool is also accessible on both your desktop and mobile app, so you can edit whenever inspiration strikes.



Find your spark

 As the number of Instagram users balloons to a whopping 600 million users, it’s more important than ever to make sure you create an engaging Instagram feed. In addition to the aforementioned apps, I also strongly recommend checking out Hyperlapse and Boomerang. Much like the other video apps, these tools are great for business owners who are ready to mix up their Instagram feed.


Extra #1 Hyperlapse

Extra #2 Boomerang

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