When you bring together individuals who specialize in social media masteryautomation and business operations, with content development you get the #SBZteam.

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I have built my career empowering entrepreneurs and marketing professionals to utilize the power of Instagram™ to get tangible business results.


My entrepreneurial journey

Started over 30 years ago…

Since my first business hit 7 figures in sales at the age of 22, I have spent my career following trends which have been driven by my passion for entrepreneurship. I've opened more businesses than I can count on one hand to allow me to prioritize what matters most - my family.

And while my resume includes everything from children’s art classes to selling $5,000 worth of products a minute on QVC, it wasn’t until I became the Instagram™ expert that I found the true freedom, flexibility, and purpose that I didn’t even know I was after.

Before I started teaching online, I had a retail shop, SueB.Do. While a success at face value - the schedule was nothing short of a constant marathon. I spent hours a week merchandising the store, taking inventory and ordering stock. In my ‘free time’ I would work 14 hours days driving to local towns at sunrise and setting up ‘pop-up’ tents at local craft fairs. I was doing 'pop-ups' for my store LONG before it was something trendy for brands big cities...I'm looking at you All Birds!  

I THOUGHT I had freedom because I was working for myself. And I THOUGHT I had flexibility because I set the schedule. But in reality, I was probably working far too many hours for the income I was bringing in...and a slave to a minivan full of beach tunics and bracelets that needed to be sold before the New England leaves changed in the fall. 

That was 9 years ago,

but it feels like yesterday.

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I’m a leader in the Instagram™ marketing field, having developed the most comprehensive online Instagram™ course, Ready Set Gram.

As a highly sought after business coach, I’ve traveled the world speaking, inspiring, and sharing my knowledge and extensive experience in social media marketing, including producing popular courses on CreativeLive, at universities, and professional conferences like Social Media Marketing World 2014-2019, Traffic + Conversion and other prominent stages.

I use my knack for sales and marketing to teach Instagram™ and online business strategies that have helped gain my students' thousands of followers and generate revenue that supports families across the globe.

I’m known for believing in you before you believe in yourself, no bullshit feedback that helps you make your dreams happen, a solid brilliant team of women who help me reach more people and make a difference, and for a tight-knit online community of rockstar entrepreneurs that champion each other every day. My #RSGcommunity may be the thing I am most proud to have created.


I’m pretty sure I can picture where you are right now

(because I’ve been there before)...

You are apprehensive to try and make time to put yourself first when your day to day schedule already feels like it’s filled to the brim.

You’re nervous about the technology required for an online business and terms like Algorithm, SEO or GIF sound like a foreign language.

You are looking for a creative outlet to be your authentic self and be accepted (even honored) for your quirky personality.

Most of your work days probably feel like you're running on a hamster wheel...

Hours emailing or cold calling without generating the revenue you deserve.

Missing family dinners or half listening to your spouse about their day because the “emergency” with a client pulled you away.

Constantly writing and re-writing your social media posts or email newsletters -  sometimes giving up and not publishing at all because you don’t truly believe anyone online actually cares what you have to say.

I want to help get your life back.

To help you feel present and proud, and consistently end your week on a high note. (hopefully with a cucumber mojito in hand or a foot massage on the calendar for Saturday, right?)

Instead of grinding day in and day out

don’t you wish you could...

Stop wasting time, second-guessing yourself and your plans. Instead, wake up each morning knowing your value, feeling confident and clear on what tasks you need to do, and calls you need to make to get where you want to be in your business.

Connect with a community of that just gets you. A community who understand your business model when no one else does, and who empowers you to commit and accomplish your goals.

Communicate with the right audience and generating a consistent flow of leads daily, so you make sales in the carpool line or cooking dinner.


Well, it may be hard to believe, but that’s what Instagram™ and online marketing has given me.

500 million Instagram™ users log into the platform every single day.

60% of Instagram™ users seek out and discover new products on Instagram.

75% of users take action, like visiting a website or adding a product to a shopping cart.

I am almost 100% certain that your community is on Instagram™, just waiting for you to post and engage with them.


So, are you ready to build a life and business you are proud of, and make an impact doing what you love?

I meet motivated entrepreneurs ALL THE TIME with the best intentions  - that have a passion for their product or service...but are at a loss when trying to understand the tools necessary to make their dream a reality.

There is opportunity Instagram™ and it’s not too late, so let's get started!


I like to say that "Instagram™ is a village" with related BUT varying neighborhoods aka all of the different areas you can participate in when you are in the Instagram™ app.  Whether you are an Instagram™ beginner or someone who frequents all 5 neighborhoods - there is always something new to learn to up-level your strategy.

Pick a neighborhood below to get step-by-step instruction to grow your followers and get conversions - no matter where you are currently focused on developing your Instagram™ account.


A little Bit More About Me

I have a degree in nutrition, which I’ve never used. But I am a big believer in living a healthy life daily. In fact, when I’m not Instagramming you can find me rollerblading along the water on Cape Cod with my cute cavaapoo, Sprivack.

I won best water-skier at summer camp, which is the same place I meet my husband, Roger, when I was just 13 years old. (Extra fun fact: we were wearing the same shirt.)

I am addicted to hats, blowouts, colorful nails, and bright colorful clothing.



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"Sue B. and her team provided us with the strategies, tools and accountability to grow our email list and build out our YouTube channel. Just those 2 things have taken us from working with local clients to working internationally while breaking sales records every. single. year. Our investment with the SBZ Team has paid for itself over and over again!"

Bobbi Baehne

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"Sue B. and her team has helped me focus on growing my business in a systemic strategic way. Before meeting Sue B. I had no idea how to create content in a branded way that would attract paying customers. My revenue has doubled since working with the SBZteam."

Allyson Kacmarski


"Sue B. helped me to think critically about my business account - who my audience is, who I am really targeting as customers, and how I want our profile to look and feel in order to help sell our products. I've learned that without having to leave the app, consumers can purchase in less clicks, and we have found a significant increase of sales by using this feature."

Rachel Friedman


I can't wait to hear about you!!!

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