3 Business Owners Who Made Leaps in 2016

As a life-long entrepreneur, I’ve experienced a lot of success in my businesses. But one of my proudest accomplishments is helping my coaching clients grow their businesses. While I don’t discuss my coaching clients too often, I want to draw attention to three of my clients who have made leaps and bounds in their business over the past year. They are an example of how much you can move the needle in your business when you’re willing to focus and go all in on a project.




When my team started working with Heather and Brian in January 2016 they had two clear goals for their online business – optimize their content and nurture new followers/customers. Their company, Editorr provides on-demand access to real editors. Heather and Brian understood that in order to grow their brand awareness they needed to foster a community of influencers who would be advocates for their company.

From the very beginning, Heather and Brian were really focused on staying in one lane, and completing projects from start to finish. Since their launch in April 2016, they have helped over 20,000 users fix over one million words – it’s incredible. This power couple found business success because they were willing to listen to their customers and use that feedback to develop new, in-demand services and features.





            Illustrator Johanna Fritz is another client who is doing #InstaAwesome things to grow her business. As a freelance illustrator based in Germany, Johanna typically works with publishers, manufacturers, and advertising agencies. Because she has created an established illustration business, she knew that she could help other artists create a plan to turn their gifts into something more. She decided she wanted to branch out and offer mentoring and workshops.

Working together, Johanna and my team started her project by building a highly engaged community on Facebook. With this foundation, Johanna was better able to market her workshops to customers who were already interested in her business. Thanks to both her organizational skills and willingness to listen and commit to the process, Johanna generated $20,000 from her first online course. I have no doubt that Johanna will continue to crush it in the future, and I can’t wait to see how her business grows. / @sparkle.society


             Cyrissa is one of my clients who really shines in business. She pursued her passion for photography with great success – and built a foundation for her photography business that was solid by using marketing tactics that create hype and high demand around her sessions. She saw that a lot of photographers struggled to turn their passion into a profitable business.  As a former teacher, she took on a new challenge – creating an online  community @sparkle.society and designing programs that can help photographers create business and marketing plans that make sense and generate money.

My team helped Cyrissa develop her online courses and marketing campaigns to establish herself as an authority online. She has continued to grow by prioritizing her customers  and providing them with value on various social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, and Periscope. Knowing what her clients want and need to know, Cyrissa recently broke past six figures in her online business. She’s a rockstar, and I know this is only the beginning for her amazing business success.


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