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I teach small business owners how to become (and continue to be) the go-to authority in their industry by using Instagram marketing strategies to
establish and grow an engaged Instagram following that converts.


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As someone who has never had a 'dreaded J-O-B', I’ve used my grit and passion for marketing to create a business that never feels like work, and grow a team that gets to live the dream with me.

I strive to make the daunting task of marketing online and using new and ever-changing technology do-able, no matter your age or experience.  

With every offering we create at SBZ Enterprise, our goal is to help you push aside your fear of looking silly, losing money, and wasting your time so you can build a business that supports what matters most - lifelong meaning and happiness.

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Wondering if YouTube is for anything more than makeup tutorials and funny cat videos?

You're in for a treat. YouTube is my main hub for teaching. Every Monday I release new free videos sharing my latest tips, tools, and strategies on Instagram marketing.

After 1.8 million views and 5 million minutes watched, I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about. 😉

 My easily digestible, 5-minute videos give you the exact step by step processes to execute Instagram marketing techniques that will help you get more followers and buyers on Instagram today.

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I like to say that "Instagram is a village" with related BUT varying neighborhoods aka all of the different areas you can participate in when you are in the Instagram app.  Whether you are an Instagram beginner or someone who frequents all 4 neighborhoods - there is always something new to learn to up-level your strategy.

Pick a neighborhood below to get step by step instruction to grow your followers and get conversions - no matter where you are currently focused on developing your Instagram account.


“Sue B. quickly put me on the correct path with Instagram. As a successful business owner, I appreciate clear, concise and to the point information. I would most certainly recommend Sue B. to anyone wanting to learn Instagram or grow their business."

Michael Hyatt
Author and Speaker


"The reason I trust Sue B. Zimmerman when it comes to Instagram strategy is that she understands what it means to be intentional with how to present yourself. I identify with this methodology in everything I do, so her advice and strategies have continually helped me grow exponentially on Instagram.  Sue B. is my Instagram expert because she cares about the most important goal of all: serving the audience."

Amy Landino
Author and Speaker



"She is a tireless spitfire who is not only charismatic and engaging but has a true entrepreneur's spirit and a completely kick-ass business and business model."

Viveka von Rosen