Hey, I'm Sue B.

I help develop small businesses led by passionate women through virtual training, mentoring groups, and personalized coaching.

Now, Let's talk about why you're really here...

You want to wake up every day to a thriving business doing what you love.

But technology is not your best friend.
Social media feels time-consuming.
And marketing seems complex.

What does it even mean to promote your business online anyway?

So instead of feeling confident and empowered, you're left feeling overwhelmed, lonely, inadequate, and a little frustrated.

We hear you. 

In fact, we've heard and helped thousands of other creative business owners beat those same feelings with our programs and coaching services.

With every product and service we create, our goal is to help you push aside your fear of looking stupid, losing money, and wasting your time so that you can build a business that supports what matters most - lifelong meaning and happiness.


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What clients and industry leaders are saying...

Sue B. Zimmerman is a pro and she is always giving amazing value in all her platforms. She is the hardest working Instagram expert out there...ideal for small business solutions.


Sue is the leading authority on Instagram for business. She helps marketers up their Instagram game with practical and creative tips they can immediately employ for success."

MICHAEL STELZNER Founder of Social Media Marketing World Social Media Examiner

She is a tireless spitfire who is not only charismatic and engaging but has a true entrepreneur's spirit and a completely kick-ass business and business model.


Before I started working with Sue B., my knowledge base with Instagram was close to zero. I am delighted to say that with Sue’s no nonsense approach she quickly put me on the correct path with Instagram. From setting goals to changing my bio Sue has allowed not only knowledge to increase my business but my confidence to approach Instagram with great success. As a successful business owner, I appreciate clear, concise and to the point information. I would most certainly recommend Sue B. to anyone wanting to learn Instagram or grow their business. 

Geoff Wilkings